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November 1998

Interview mit dem Spezial Effekt-Meister

23.11.1998 von Cirdan; Quelle: ONFILM

Talk to anyone in the film industry these days and sooner of later (generally sooner) the conversation turns to Charlie McClellanThe Lord of the Rings. So we are especially pleased when Weta’s Charlie McClellan agreed to take 30 minutes out of his busy schedule to give deputy editor Nick Grants a progress report. American-born McClellan got his start in films as post-production executive for Miramax Films – "I was the blades of Harvey Scissorhands," he laughs ruefully (Miramax is notorious for recutting the films they handle, and co-chairman Harvey Weinstein most notorious of all – hence the nickname). "But since tinkering with other people’s artistic creations wasn’t something I wanted to be known for, and because I wanted to get closer to the filmmaking process itself, I took a job with Peter Jackson as post-production supervisor on The Frighteners…" Now, after working on the film, as well as Forgotten Silver, Jack Brown Genius and Contact, McClellan has taken on of the task of being… mehr über Interview mit dem Spezial Effekt-Meister ...

Wizard Wants To Lord It In The Rings

20.11.1998 von Cirdan; Quelle: NZ-Press

The Wizard of Christchurch says he should have a starring role in The Lord Of The Rings as "there is no one quite like me in the world." mehr über Wizard Wants To Lord It In The Rings...

NZ Army Up For The "Rings"

13.11.1998 von Cirdan; Quelle: HDRF

You may have heard the rumors that Peter Jackson is planning to enlist the New Zealand army as extras in his upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy, but now there is apparently confirmation on the matter. mehr über NZ Army Up For The "Rings" ...


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