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Juli 2000

Holm has Confidence

19.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: The Irish Times

Der irischen Presse erzählte Bilbo-Darsteller Ian Holm, dass er nicht sehr viel über die HdR-Produktion erzählen dürfe, aber auf jeden Fall würde dieser Film Star Wars wie ein Wochenende auf der Toilette aussehen lassen. mehr über Holm has Confidence...

Army not telling about involvement in film

19.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: NZ Press

A cloak of invisibility surrounds New Zealand Defence Force's involvement in Lord of the Rings filming in mid-Canterbury next month. mehr über Army not telling about involvement in film...

Do you believe in fairy tales?

16.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: Sunday Times

Sean Bean has always been a risk-taker. He's been in a Bond film and a Harrison Ford hit but, to the public, he's TV's Sharpe. mehr über Do you believe in fairy tales?...

Im Bann des Rings

15.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: COM!Online

Regisseur Peter Jackson verfilmt in Neuseeland den "Herr der Ringe", die dreiteilige Saga von J.R.R. Tolkien. Seither vibriert das Netz im Tolkien-Takt: Tausende Websites begleiten die Dreharbeiten und fordern von Regisseur und Drehbuch absolute Detailtreue. mehr über Im Bann des Rings...

Essex: Sean´s playing the bad guy again...

15.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: This is Essex

He's played a few baddies in his time but none of them compares to the drug dealing, wife-beating character Sean Bean has to portray in his new movie. mehr über Essex: Sean´s playing the bad guy again......

The IGN Sir Ian McKellen Interview

15.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: IGN

PLUME: That brings us to the continuing adventure in regards to the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy…

MCKELLEN: Anyone interested in the answer to that question should read my diary, which comes out about once a month on my website. I`ve been telling the story of that as it proceeds… I did the same thing with X-Men as well. Peter Jackson says it`s the biggest film ever made – the most ambitious film ever made, in terms of logistics and technicalities. It`s an absolutely mammoth project. What`s rather appealing is that it`s all happening in New Zealand. It`s a New Zealand film – it`s financed from America with a few foreigners like myself brought in to help out, but it was dreamt up by a New Zealander, directed by one, the script writers are New Zealanders, most of the crew are… The amazing effects and props and costumes will be designed and made there in workshops. It feels like making a home movie, in that sense. Everyone`s friends and knows each other. It`s very pleasant to visit them, and they live in the most beautiful landscape – which, again, are New Zealand and very crucial to the effect of the film. It`s a moving and important myth that you are involved in, so it`s totally satisfying. mehr über The IGN Sir Ian McKellen Interview...

Four Questions with Sir Ian McKellen

13.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: Ringbearer

Joram von Ringbearer konnte vier Fragen zu einem Fandom-Interview mit Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) durchschleusen. mehr über Four Questions with Sir Ian McKellen...

New Spy Pics

13.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: Realm of the Ring

Check out these awesome photos! mehr über New Spy Pics...

McKellen on Backch@t

13.07.2000 von Cirdan; Quelle: Sharon

This is a transcrip of Ian McKellen`s appearance on the TVNZ Arts show, Backch@t. mehr über McKellen on Backch@t...


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