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New Line Cinema lässt die Katze langsam aus dem Sack und veröffentlicht immer mehr Details zur EXTENDED EDITION von DIE RÜCKKEHR DES KÖNIGS.

Die folgenden Angaben beziehen sich auf die US-Version





Discs One and Two: Special Extended Edition of the Film and Supplemental Audio Commentary Tracks

* The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King feature will be presented in anamorphic 16X9 widescreen, 2.35:1 aspect ratio and three Surround Sound options: Dolby Digital EX 5.1, DTS ES 6.1 and Stereo Surround, along with English and Spanish subtitles, interactive animated menus and closed captions.

* The first two discs will feature four (4) supplemental audio commentary tracks, accompanied by a subtitle layer identifying each different speaker.

Audio Commentary 1: The Director and Writers

  • Peter Jackson (Director/Writer/Producer)
  • Fran Walsh (Writer/Producer)
  • Philippa Boyens (Writer)

Audio Commentary 2: The Design Team

  • Grant Major (Production Designer)
  • Ngila Dickson (Costume Designer)
  • Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop Creative Supervisor)
  • Alan Lee (Conceptual Designer/Set Decorator)
  • John Howe (Conceptual Designer)
  • Dan Hennah (Supervising Art Director/Set Decorator)
  • Chris Hennah (Art Department Manager)
  • Tania Rodger (Weta Workshop Manager)

Audio Commentary 3: The Production/Post-Production Team

  • Barrie M. Osborne (Producer)
  • Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer)
  • Jamie Selkirk (Co-Producer & Editor, The Return of the King)
  • Annie Collins (Additional Editor, The Return of the King)
  • Rick Porras (Co-Producer)
  • Howard Shore (Composer)
  • Jim Rygiel (Visual Effects Supervisor)
  • Ethan Van der Ryn (Supervising Sound Editor/Co-Designer)
  • Mike Hopkins (Supervising Sound Editor)
  • Christian Rivers (Visual Effects Concept Designer)
  • Alex Funke, ASC (Visual Effects D.P.)
  • Joe Letteri (Weta Visual Effects Supervisor)
  • Randy Cook (Animation Designer & Supervisor)
  • Brian Van't Hul (Weta Visual Effects D.P.)

Audio Commentary 4: The Cast

  • Elijah Wood ("Frodo")
  • Ian McKellen ("Gandalf")
  • Liv Tyler ("Arwen")
  • Sean Astin ("Sam")
  • John Rhys-Davies ("Gimli"/Voice of "Treebeard")
  • Bernard Hill ("Théoden")
  • Christopher Lee ("Saruman")
  • Billy Boyd ("Pippin")
  • Dominic Monaghan ("Merry")
  • Orlando Bloom ("Legolas")
  • Hugo Weaving ("Elrond")
  • Miranda Otto ("Éowyn")
  • David Wenham ("Faramir")
  • Karl Urban ("Éomer")
  • John Noble ("Denethor")
  • Andy Serkis ("Gollum/Smeagol")
  • Lawrence Makoare ("Witchking"/"Gothmog")
  • Smeagol (!)
  • Gollum (!)

Discs Three and Four: The Appendices

Discs three and four feature all-new bonus content, including multiple documentaries, galleries and interactive maps. Documentaries that were started with the Special Extended DVD Editions of the first two films in the trilogy are continued here, bringing the full The Lord of the Rings experience to completion.

Disc Three: The Appendices Part Five ? "The War of the Ring"

  • Peter Jackson Intro
  • ?J.R.R. Tolkien: The Legacy of Middle-earth? documentary
  • From Book to Script:
    * ?From Book to Script ? Forging the Final Chapter? documentary
    * Abandoned Concept: Aragorn Battles Sauron
  • Designing and Building Middle-earth
    * ?Costume Design? documentary
    * ?Designing Middle-earth? documentary
    * ?Weta Workshop? documentary
  • Design Galleries ? 2, 123 images
    * The Peoples of Middle-earth (galleries with docent audio)
    * The Realms of Middle-earth (galleries with docent audio)
    * Miniatures (galleries with docent audio)
  • ?Home of the Horse Lords? documentary
  • ?Middle-earth Atlas: Tracing the Journeys of the Fellowship? interactive map
  • ?New Zealand as Middle-earth? interactive map with on-location footage

Disc Four: The Appendices Part Six ? ?The Passing of an Age?

  • Elijah Wood/Sean Astin/Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan intro
  • Filming The Return of the King
    * ?Cameras in Middle-earth? documentary
    * Production Photos (gallery) ? 69 images
  • Visual Effects
    * ?Weta Digital? documentary
    * ?The Mûmakil Battle? demonstration/interactive feature
  • Post Production: Journey?s End
    * ?Editorial: Completing the Trilogy? documentary
    * ?Music for Middle-earth? documentary
    * ?The Soundscapes of Middle-earth? documentary
    * ?The End of All Things? documentary
  • ?The Passing of an Age? documentary
  • Cameron Duncan
    * ?Cameron Duncan: The Inspiration for ?Into the West?" documentary
    * ?DFK6498? short film
    * ?Strike Zone? short film
  • All four discs are DVD-ROM enabled, featuring a link to lordoftherings.net and access to exclusive online features.


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