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TV-Beitrag von der Pressekonferenz

; Quelle: TV ONE

Ein weiterer TV-Beitrag aus dem neuseeländischen Fernsehen berichtet über die Pressekonferenz am Set von Minas Tirith.

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Peter Jackson

TV-Beitrag anschauen (RealVideo).

Der dazugehörige Artikel:

The Lord of the Rings experience

With just six weeks left in filming, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has talked for the first time of the privilege of bringing JRR Tolkien's vision to life.

The cast and crew have been working on the three movies for the past year. The first in the trilogy screens next Christmas.

Peter Jackson jokes that keeping three movies in his head at one time has come close to driving him insane but he says it is a privilege to have the job of bringing Tolkien's characters to life.

"It's a book you have grown up with and they are characters you have imagined in your mind. The book creates an incredibly vivid picture of what these places look like."

He says there are moments on the set when he feels physically transported into the book.

"It just dawns on me; here I am in Bag End, here I am in Helms Deep and there's Aragorn, there's Gandalf, there's Frodo."

Actor Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf, says working on the movie has been sensational.

"I thought my year in New Zealand was a wonderful opportunity to go to Australia. I'm not wearying my 'I Love NZ' T-shirt on the outside but it is deep in my heart."

Elijah Wood, who plays the hobbit Frodo, says he was driven by a desire to work with Jackson and to be part of something so epic.

Another actor, John Rhys Davies, predicts the trilogy will be even bigger than Star Wars.

But Jackson says there will be controversy when the films come out. "As long as people realise they are only ever an interpretation and we are trying our best."

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