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Gandalf und die Pferde

Sir Ian McKellen berichtet in dem neusten Update auf seiner Offiziellen Seite über die Pferde bei den Dreharbeiten.

Es gäbe ein Menge fantastischer Kreaturen im HERRN DER RINGE, Orks, Gollum, den Balrog und weitere, aber besonders erwähnenswert seien vor allem die verschiedenen Pferde.

Der Rest dieses Artikels ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar.

Notes from Ian McKellen

There are any number of fantastical creatures in Lord of the Rings and I have seen a few of them recently. Some, like the armies of orcs and goblins, are played by actors and stuntspeople, whilst others, stars like the Balrog, are being created within the computers of WETA's workshops, home of the props and masks and the prosthetics which most of the actors must wear to varying degrees. Gandalf doesn't meet Gollum or Smeagol so what Andy Serkis and Peter Jackson are cooking up between them I'm not privy to.
Not all of Tolkien's creatures are as outlandish as Gollum or Treebeard or the cave troll. Horses are dear to his heart - even the Ringwraith steeds, which may be evil-looking, snorting like devils, their hooves cloven with nails but, like all nags, are only obeying orders. They have been pressed into service and are furious. I'm glad I didn't have to work with them.
More my style is the chestnut Rastus who plays Bill the pony and is adorable. The compliant, ever-licking Rastus is 11 years old, an American quarter horse crossed with Shetland. Led by Samwise (Sean Astin) he reliably carried the Fellowship's baggage and endured the uncomfortable snowstorm of polystyrene and rice flakes when Saruman's agents attacked the nine of us in the Wellington studio en route for Moria. He was less fazed by the tempest than the rest of the cast, even though he didn't have blinkers on. He didn't complain of dust in the eyes or polysterene balls in every bodily crevice. Between takes, as I called for bottled water and a make-up check, Rastus calmly helped himself to the layer of salt which added glitter to the surface of the snow. I wish he had made it into the mines of Moria. He would not have been daunted by all those steps and passageways nor by the rowdy goblins. Indeed I would have trusted him with the ring itself.

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