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Playmates Toys kauft Spielzeug-Lizenz

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Die amerikanische Spielzeugfirma Playmates Toys hat Rechte für die Herstellung von Spielzeug zu DER HERR DER RINGE erworben.

Man plane sogenannte "Intelli-Blox Construction Toys" verkündete die Firma in einer Pressemeldung.

--> Playmates Toys

Press Release

Playmates Toys Takes Licensed Toys and Original Characters to New Levels for 2001

Playmates Announces Exciting License Partnerships, Develops Tech Toys for Boys and Continues to Reinvent Amazing Brand

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2001-- Playmates Toys, one of the toy industry's leaders, continues to introduce breakthrough technology that brings to life exciting licensed properties and original interactive personalities for 2001.

Hot new licensed properties lead Playmates into Toy Fair 2001. Playmates Toys reintroduces the classic and phenomenally popular `Good Luck' Troll collectible figures with an updated look and new brand name for 2001 -- Totally Troll! Totally Troll figures are modern characters that combine new names, personalities, contemporary outfits and themes with the Troll's classic character look.

An exclusive interactive product feature delivers an individual message with each Troll.

From the world of entertainment comes Playmates Toys' new Intelli-Blox construction toys based on the most anticipated movie event of 2001 -- New Line Cinema's live-action feature film ``The Lord of the Rings.''

From Sony Pictures Family Entertainment's top-rated animated television series, ``Jackie Chan Adventures,'' comes merchandise that takes the popularity of martial arts to a new level with action figures, playsets, sparring buddies, role-playing accessories and an electronic training center.

The most popular interactive video character in history, pop-icon Lara Croft, comes to life on the big screen in Paramount Pictures' eagerly awaited action-adventure ``Tomb Raider.'' This spring Playmates Toys introduces a collection of action figures based on the live-action feature film.

Fans of the most successful animated television series of all time, ``The Simpsons,'' will have the opportunity to bring even more of Springfield's residents home in 2001 as Playmates Toys introduces the newest in its award-winning line of ``The Simpsons'' talking, interactive action figures and environments.

Playmates' breakthrough concept in technology and toys, Dot Pals, uses popular Twentieth Century Fox's ``The Simpsons,'' and pop-culture comic strip phenomenon ``Dilbert.'' These desktop sidekicks will keep you company as you work and play on the computer.

Playmates Toys also presents breakthrough characters in its boy's toy line by introducing Ozlo the Robot, children's futuristic friend that needs maintenance and repair while taking children on outer space adventures. Another original Playmates toy introduction is Big Sarge in Charge, the first ever larger-than-life interactive action figure.

Building on the success of the Amazing Brand, Playmates Toys expands on the No. 1 interactive doll brand with an updated look and new companions -- hip Amazing Maddie and Amazing Ally with an interactive pet kitten. Girls can further their adventures with Ally and Maddie with new adventureware playsets like, Ally: Let's Play In-Line Skating, and Maddie: Let's Travel the World. Li'l Amazing Ashley is the newest addition to the Amazing family, communicating to girls to her various needs through time-based technology.

``Playmates Toys continues to be at the forefront of fusing creative imagination and technology to enhance the latest toys and hottest licensed properties,'' said Karl Aaronian, Playmates Toys executive vice president of marketing and development.

``Our 2001 product line showcases original properties and brings to life favorite characters and settings from the entertainment industry's most talked-about shows and films.''

During Toy Fair, Feb. 11-15, the Playmates Toys sales showroom (50 West 23rd Street, Fifth Floor) will be open for select sales and media appointments.

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