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Gastauftritt von Alan Lee

; Quelle: Company of the Ring - Tol Galen

Alan Lee, der berühmte Tolkien-Künstler und Designer der HERR DER RINGE Produktion, wird einen Gastauftritt im Prolog der Trilogie haben.

"Den Sterblichen, ewig dem Tod verfallen, neun,..."

" "
Alan Lee legt Hand am Bruchtal-Set an

Alan Lee wird einen der Könige der Menschen darstellen. Sein Königs-Kostüm sehe sehr edel aus, berichtet Beren von Company of the Ring - Tol Galen.

Berens Kommentar findet ihr unten.


Alan Lee, doomed to die?

Well maybe not, but the character he plays in the movie is. Yes that's right the conceptual artist for the movies has got himself a small roll in the prologue as one of the Kings of Men. I found this out accidental, well kind of.

I was being my usual nosey self on set the last couple of days I was there, and there was a page of photos sitting on a table as I walked passed. I stopped for a look and it turned out to be 5 of the Kings of Men. So I starting having a bit of a read of it. I got to the second one on the page and I thought to myself, he looks familiar. Reading further it turned out to be Alan.

He looked good in his costume to. I can't say what he was wearing of course, well actually I can't remember, but it did look good and he makes a noble looking king.

That's quite cool really, he not only gets to do all the conceptual art work, he also gets to play a small role in the movie. But then again all employees of the movie got a chance to appear in the movies, if they fitted a part that is. Even I had my small parts in it, but you won't see me, but more about that at a later date.

(Big Thanks to Beren from Company of the Ring - Tol Galen!!)


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