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Die dritte Woche am Set

; Quelle: Company of the Ring - Tol Galen

Wieder berichtet Webmaster Beren von seinen Erlebnissen am Set von DER HERR DER RINGE. Interessanterweise handelt es sich um die Woche, in der ich (Cirdan) in Neuseeland am Set war. Natürlich sind wir uns begegnet und Beren berichtet von unserem Treffen.

Cirdans Anmerkung: Der übersetzte Bericht kommt später

Der Original-Artikel:

Week number three on the production

Week three on the production and the first 6 day week, though I only worked 5 due to prior arrangements. We started off with more Gandalf stuff, this time with a stunt double due to the scenes we had to shoot. Once again I won't tell you anything, as it will give the scene away. Next was to be a Frodo shot in Rivendell but this didn't happen till Wednesday.

The final shot for the day was Sam and Gimli at the Houses of Healing, they had to walk into the room and be happy to see Frodo feeling a lot better. Now for some reason our first attempt didn't work and we had to do a reshoot a few weeks later.

The next days call sheet was another I misplaced, I do remember one scene we were shooting that day and that was Frodo and Sam running down Mt Doom, lava hot (well very hot I suppose) on their heels then they had to leap over a gap to save themselves. I was on the wind machine that day, which was a very hard task to perform. The FX guys set it all up and I had to turn the switch from off to on and back again when it was required. This was also the day the distributors came around, and always up the front was our friend Cirdan from over at Der Herr der Ringe, who had scored a trip over here with his employers the German distributors.

Anyway Wednesday was a good day, I got to see Gil Galad. Now Mark Ferguson makes a great Gil Galad, he's very tall and can look very nodal. We where doing a shot basically of the three elven rings. The other two had already been shot previously and we had to add Gil Galad in to the shot. This was a bit different this time though, Marks costume was blue, which on blue screen can cause a bit of a problem. Basically if we filmed him on blue he would disappear, so for this scene we were the green screen unit.

This wasn't too hard to achieve really, we didn't have to paint the floor green or anything like that. All you have to do is put up a small green screen at the back, then lay reflective film on the floor and there you have it. Now the scene was the three elven ring bearers having a look at their rings putting theirs hands together and pulling them out again.

We set up a ball on a pole for Mark to put this hand on to so he was in the right position to be touching the hands in the pre-shot footage. After a couple of takes that was the shot done and we moved on.

The next shot was Frodo watching Arwen in Rivendell that we didn't do on Monday. We had part of the Rivendell set in the studio for this shot. A very simple shot, Frodo just had to pretend he was watching Arwen from outside his room. In this shot, as well as a number of others where we don't see the other characters, Arwen was a ball on a pole.

Next was the first of a couple of shots to do with the Balrog again. This time Aragorn and Boromir running away from it through Moria before they get to the bridge. We used the real Aragorn for this shot and a Boromir stand in. They had an animation of this scene and I'm sure you could make a great Monty Python scene out of it, the footage had that kind of comical feel about it. But I'm sure the finished product will be a lot more like what we would expect.

Anyway once we had things lined up ready to go we got the actors in and had a couple of test runs to make sure they were going to be in shot at the right time. The shot used a motion controlled camera so if they weren't on there marks at the right time the shot was blank. This didn't take very long to work out. And after a couple of takes the scene was completed.

As it turned out the actors were actually running to fast really, but the scene was still workable. All this meant was that when we got to the hobbits they had to run bloody fast so it looked like they were taking more steps then the larger character. But more about that in another report. And so ended that days work.

That evening Cirdan gave me a ring and we organized to meet at his hotel, from there, along with his girlfriend, we went and had a couple of drinks and discussed some of the interesting stuff we had both seen. So it was interesting to meet someone I had chatted to over the internet for the past couple of years. And we were able to tell each other some interesting stuff.

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