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Die grosse Abschlußparty

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Diesen Freitag findet anlässlich dem Ende der Dreharbeiten im Hafen von Wellington die grosse Abschlußparty statt, zu der 2500 bis 3000 Gäste geladen wurden.

Unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeit werden sich am Freitag Crew und Darsteller an dem 100.000 NZ-Dollar (ca. 100.000 DM) teuren Programm erfreuen. Gerüchte kursieren in der Stadt, dass als Ehrengäste die amerikanische Rap-Gruppe THE BEASTIE BOYS auftreten werden.


Big cast for wrap party

Between 2500 and 3000 invited guests will attend the "wrap party" for The Lord Of The Rings.
As usual, the film's makers have been trying to keep secret all details of the party next Friday - the day that filming is completed.

But it is understood the evening party will have a budget of at least $100,000 and will be held on Wellington's waterfront.

Closed to the public, the party will be in Shed 21 and under a large marquee. It will cater for between 2500 and 3000 invited guests, most of them cast and crew, and include performances from several New Zealand entertainers.

Rumours have been rife in film industry circles for the past month that high-profile American rap act The Beastie Boys would play at the party.

However, The Evening Post understands no major overseas acts have been confirmed.

A blooper reel and fairground attractions is expected to be part of the night's entertainment.

Lord Of The Rings publicist Claire Raskind confirmed this week that a private party would be held once filming ended, but gave no other details.

The event - known as a "wrap party" in the film industry - will mark the end of 15 months of filming the adaptation of J R R Tolkien's fantasy classic.

Post-production work on the three films, directed by Peter Jackson, will continue next year. The first, The Fellowship Of The Ring, will be released in December next year.


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