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Ein Rückblick von John Forde

; Quelle: E! Online

E!Online-Reporter und Set-Dauergast John Forde zieht nach dem Ende der Dreharbeiten sein Resümee.

Kurze Zusammenfassung des Artikels:

Nach 274 Drehtagen, beziehungsweise 15 Monaten, fiel am 22. Dezember 2000 die letzte Klappe für die HdR-Trilogie. Um diesen Termin einzuhalten arbeitete die Crew in den letzten Wochen in fünf Units, sechs Tage die Woche. Die Darsteller sind nun wieder zu Hause, und in Wellington beginnt die Nachproduktion

Die Aufnahmen und Synchronisation der Dialoge werden in London und Neuseeland stattfinden, da man von den Dreharbeiten nur etwa 2% der Dialoge direkt übernehmen kann. Meist wurde der Ton durch das Geräusch der Nebelmaschine oder von Flugzeugen gestört. Dies ist aber absolut üblich in der Filmbranche.

die Darsteller reagierten auf das Ende der Dreharbeiten unterschiedlich und einigen fiel der Abschied sichtlich schwer. Elijah Wood (Frodo) bezeichnet diese Dreharbeiten als "Erfahrung fürs Leben". Sean Astin kann es noch gar nicht glauben, dass er die nächste Zeit nicht mehr durch Mittelerde wandeln wird.

Am Abend des letzten Tages gab es die grosse Abschiedsparty für die Crew im Hafen von Wellington. Die Eintrittskarten wurden auf dem Schwarzmarkt für umgerechnet 1.500 Mark gehandelt. Die Darsteller bedankten sich bei Peter Jackson mit einem Geschenke: Einem Regie-Stuhl in Hobbitgrösse.

Die Schauspieler Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen und John Rhys-Davies waren mit einem HERR DER RINGE Bruderschaftsmotiv "tätowiert", das Designer Alan Lee entworfen hatte.

Der Original-Artikel:

A Month--and a Wrap Party--to Remember

by John Forde

Amid a balmy New Zealand summer, Lord of the Rings, Hollywood's biggest three-ring circus, ground to a halt last month. The final "Cut!" was called on December 22, as Peter Jackson and his team wrapped principal photography.

The cast worked long hours and six-day weeks throughout December to make the deadline, with as many as five units working at once. The wrap ended a 274-day shoot over almost 15 months.

While the cast has returned home, postproduction and digital-effects work will begin at Three Foot Six and WETA's Wellington Studios.

Looping (rerecording of dialogue) is expected to take place in London and New Zealand. It'll be a heavy job; sound technicians on set say only about 2 percent of dialogue recorded during filming will be usable, due to the noise of smoke machines and planes flying overhead.

Cast reaction to the end of shooting was mixed. Elijah Wood described his stint as "the experience of a lifetime" and looked forward to a life without 4 a.m. wake-up calls and prosthetic Hobbit feet. "I think we're planning to have them bronzed," he joked. Wood raved about working with Sean Astin (Sam). "It's been like gaining a brother. We hoped that our friendship would mirror our characters' closeness in the story, and it did."

Astin was a little more shell-shocked. "I finished filming on Wednesday, and couldn't find any words for the feeling. I just ended up hugging [Elijah] and everybody else I could see!" he says. "The character is so much a part of me--it's difficult right now thinking about life outside Middle Earth." But he said he and his family were looking forward to returning to his Los Angeles home "and hanging out with Elijah. We're like war buddies!"

Liv Tyler confessed she's pleased filming is over. The 23-year-old star repeatedly flew back and forth from her New York home because of her sporadic shooting schedule. "It's kind of like my character," she says. "Arwen appears from time to time throughout the story." Tyler says she has enjoyed filming the love story, "which is beautiful. It's sad because she has to give up her Elvish existence, but [Arwen] knows it's worth it."

Farewell Bash: Cast, crew and guests partied like it was 3019 (Middle Earth time, that is) at a massive invitation-only "Escape from Middle Earth" party on Wellington's beautiful waterfront. Not surprisingly, outsiders clambered to get in, with tickets reportedly selling for up to NZ$1,500 ($700). Entertainment included deejays, local bands and hilarious outtakes. The cast presented Jackson with a Hobbit-size director's chair.

Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen and John Rhys-Davies were all tattooed with an LOTR Brotherhood motif, designed especially by conceptual artist Alan Lee. Bloom is apparently responsible for hunting down Sean Bean (Boromir) and branding him, too. Can't wait for the Men of LOTR calendar...

Tree Talk: Welsh-born John-Rhys Davies, who plays Gimli the Dwarf, will voice Treebeard the Ent, LOTR publicity has confirmed. Treebeard, an ancient Ent--or tree-creature--who helps the Hobbits on their quest, will be computer generated by WETA Digital.

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