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Nachvertonung und Dreharbeiten in Neuseeland

; Quelle: Ringbearer

Joram von Ringbearer berichtet, dass die Darsteller Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood und andere nach Neuseeland zurück gekehrt wären, um dort noch ein paar Szenen der Anfangszenen nachzudrehen.

Ein geheimer Informant berichtet, dass die Anfangszszene neu gedreht wird, da Frodo zuviel über den Ring erfahre. Man habe sich nun entschieden, dass Frodo, wie auch der Zuschauer, erst während des Abenteuers den Ring kennenlernt.
Außerdem werde die Nachvertonung mit den Schauspielern in nächster Zeit beginnen.

Dass die Darsteller für Nachdrehs noch einmal zum Set fliegen ist zu diesem Zeitpunkt der Produktion nichts ungewöhnliches.

(Thanks Keith and Joram!)

English Version:

A very well connected person dropped Joram some Lord of the Rings scoopage:

"Not sure this is news, but it’s something that just came up, so I thought I’d pass it back along to you. Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, and others had to return to New Zealand this week for a day’s re-shooting of the opening scene from the first movie. The problem was that they thought Frodo knew too much about the ring from the outset and they wanted the audience to learn about the ring with him so they’re re-shooting it so that it appears that he doesn’t know jack about the ring and "we" find out with him. I also found out the movie is completed and he will begin ADR looping soon and will be seeing the entire film that way."

(ADR = Automated Dialog Replacemen or `loopin`, where the actors go into a studio and speak their lines again in a controlled environment and that audio track will be put over the footage. It`s been mentioned in the past by the LOTR shooting crew that almost 90% of the spoken dialogue recorded while filming is unusable because of all the other noise on the outdoor sets (helicopters, cranes, vehicles, etc).)

But it's not unusual for there to be "pick-ups" or reshoots in addition to ADR at this stage in a film's production.

(Thanks Keith and Joram!)