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Fantastische neue Fotos

Greenleaf, Webmaster aus Canada, ist aus Cannes zurück und bringt uns neben einem Erlebnisbericht viele fantastische neue Fotos der Filmtrilogie mit.

Der Rest des Artikels ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar.

English Version:

Elostirion published an great report from Cannes with many new exclusic pics.

Elostirion in Cannes, May 2001

Saturday, May 12: TV interviews
I don't even know where to start as there are so many things to tell. I shall try to describe most of what I have seen, and to convey the atmosphere at the château as best I can.

Let us start with the beginning. I have to say I was very pessimistic and had little hope that our expedition would be successful, as I waited on the beach for heralds of our professionnal look-out girl, Necsipaal. Then a phone call came in saying that... she had done it! I was astounded. And so we dressed up in haste and went by bus to meet her, trying to contain our excitement as best we could. We got there and met her without bumping into any significant difficulty. And then, wow!

Overhanging the door of the main building (2a), the banner of Telcontar. Seven stars, one crown and one white tree on a black background. I was entranced. You could have had my leg chopped without me noticing. I tried to come back to my senses, and it was then that I realized the scope of the work that had been done at the château—and that was still in progress. The place was bustilng with activity: technicians setting up stands and sets, painting them (15); gardeners assembling gardens and putting up patches of grass on the hobbit hole; cables being laid all about the place for the use of journalists and their cameramen... and it was thus that we came striding around in the middle of it all. I am still having trouble believing that we actually were there, on site.

As we went up a few steps, I mumbled to Marineva: "Look! There's Elijah Wood!" "Yeah," she answered quite unmoved. As he burst into song I realized he was presently being interviewed and that those were the four hobbits singing a hobbit song in front of a hobbit hole. I cracked up a smile, and I believe my face was jammed in that position for the rest of the day.

[...read on at Elostirion]


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