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Queen ehrt Christopher Lee

; Quelle: BBC News

Saruman-Darsteller Christopher Lee wurde am letzten Wochenende von der britischen Königin mit der Ehrung "Commander des britischen Empire" gewürdigt.

Seit 1947 spielte Lee in über 250 Filmen mit. Manche davon waren gut, andere weniger, bemerkte er schmunzelnd bei seiner Ehrung.

(Danke Christopher Lee Web und Phantastik.de)

English Version:

Christopher Lee: Horrors and triumphs

Christopher Lee holds the world record for playing the most screen appearances of any actor - and 54 years into his career, it is not hard to believe.

London-born Lee, who has been made a CBE, is best-known for playing monstrous roles opposite Peter Cushing in the Hammer horror films, but has about 250 other screen appearances to his name.

And more are in the pipeline - roles in the forthcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy and Star Wars: Episode II are about to introduce him to a new generation.

After being decorated for distinguished service as a Flight Lieutenant in World War II, Lee, now 79, became a professional actor in 1947.

He made his name 10 years later when he starred in his first Hammer film, as the monster in Curse of Frankenstein.

His 6ft 5in frame and pointed features have always typecast him as a bad guy, and villainous roles in further Hammer productions including Horror of Dracula, The Mummy and The Gorgon followed...

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