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Der Herr der E-Mails

Sir Ian McKellen beantwortet wieder eine Menge E-Mail-Fragen auf seiner offiziellen Homepage.

Der Gandalf-Darsteller erklärt unter anderem wie die Nachsynchronisation funktioniert, und dass ihm das viel Spaß gemacht habe.

Für das grosse Mittelerde-Fest in der Schweiz erteilt er den deutschsprachigen Fans leider eine Absage.

Auf die Frage, ob seine Magie im Kampf mit dem Balrog realistisch genug wirke, antwortet er, dass das jeder selbst beurteilen müsse. Die Journalisten in Cannes, die einen kurzen Ausschnitt mit dem Balrog gesehen haben, waren auf jeden Fall alle begeistert. Er selbst sei bei den Dreharbeiten nur gegen einen gelben Tennisball angetreten, der die Augen des Balrogs markieren sollte.

English Version:

E-Post -- Correspondence with Ian McKellen

Q: What it is like to re-record your lines as an actor? Is it hard to get the tone and the sync the same as from your original performance of the lines?

A: It works like this. You stand in front of a large screen onto which is projected the image to be dubbed. The original soundtrack as a guide is fed to you through earphones. Three beeps signal the moment when you must speak. I find the best way is to try a number of times until the technician is happy with the synchronisation. Then the director can comment. If another version is still required, the practice will make it easier.

The trick is not to over-elaborate on the original unless an alternative delivery is required.

All in all its the sort of technical problem that I enjoy.

Q: From October 11 - October 14, the "Middle-Earth Celebration 2001" will take place in Switzerland in a beautiful village in two castles. It's the greatest and biggest Tolkien-Event in Europe and many, many Tolkien-Fans will be at this event. They asked John Howe to come to the event and as it looks now, he will come! It would be very, very great if an actor from the movie would visit this celebration and so I want to ask you, dear Sir Ian McKellen, if you, our Gandalf, are interested to travel to Switzerland in October and join our event as a very special guest. P.S. You can find the homepage about the event at: http://www.mittelerde-fest.ch It's mainly in German, but some pages are also in English.

A: I already know that I can?t be free to visit ?Middle-Earth Celebration 2001? but presume you don?t mind others knowing where and when it is. Very good luck for a successful event and give my regards to John Howe please...

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