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E-Mail-Antworten von Ian McKellen

Und wieder einmal hat Gandalf-Darsteller Sir Ian McKellen eine Menge E-Mails der Fans persönlich auf seiner offiziellen Seite beantwortet.

Ian McKellen muss den besorgten Fans immer wieder bestätigen, dass Peter Jackson der richtige Regisseur für die Verfilmung sei und man sie sich auf jeden Fall ansehen solle. Er verstehe, dass der Film niemals die Vorstellungen des Lesers treffen werde, aber man solle sich dennoch dieses Weihnachtsgeschenk gönnen.
Er verrät außerdem, dass man Radagast in der Filmtrilogie nicht sehen werde.

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English Version:

And again Sir Ian McKellen answers the fan-mails at his official website mckellen.com.

Q: I'm 18 and discovered the Lotr trilogy after reading The Hobbit at age 12 or so. With the movie coming out, I am currently re-reading the books for the fourth or fifth time and will re-read The Fellowship of the Ring a week before the movie hits the screens. One of my friend doesn't want to see this movie, because he knows he's going to be disappointed by everything Peter Jackson and his crew will not have pictured correctly or changed, or left behind. Although I kind of agree with him, I want to see this movie because I want to know if I will be able to feel the magic and magnificence I always felt while reading those books, I want to know if the movie will give me the same feeling as the trailers which make my senses go "WOW, that's so awesome."

A: I know, I know that's what everyone wants to know -- will Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings match the thrill of their own? As you've enjoyed the trailers, it's looking hopeful!

Q: Does your esteemed Istari colleague Rhadagast the Brown appear in the movie?

A: No. But that left more room for Saruman and Gandalf, I suppose.

Q: I heard recently that there will be a preview of FOTR at the Toronto Film Festival similar to the one at Cannes. Is there any truth to this rumour?

A: A good rumour but I haven't heard it before.

Q: My English is very very poor, but I will try to ask you something -- and I hope it will sounds not THAT stupid! You were acting with Elijah Wood about a year: will he make a "GOOD" Frodo? Someone tells me, that he not will be a good one (too young). But I think it is like "Hamlet": No one can be the "perfect" Hamlet..... Good bye from Germany.

A: The actor plays his own Hamlet. The audience responds. I've written in previous Grey Book chapters enthusiastically about Elijah's Frodo. He goes the full journey.

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