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Protest von US-Kinokette

; Quelle: Sonntag aktuell

In den USA drohen einige Kinoketten New Line Cinema mit Boykott. Als RUSH HOUR 2 anlief stellte sich heraus, dass es sich nicht nur um leere Drohungen handelte -- Ein Artikel aus der Sonntag aktuell.

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(Danke Ridcully!)

English Version:

An German article about the financial battle between Regal Cinemas and New Line Cinema. In a stunning move Regal Cinemas refused to show RUSH HOUR 2. Several leading exhibition chains are protesting a move by New Line Cinema to join the growing list of distributors who seek to negotiate "firm terms" on film rentals before a movie is released. Regal Cinemas will also refuse to screen New Line's upcoming LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING according to sources outside the company. The dispute would seem to hurt Regal, which has 4,100 screens, more than New Line.


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