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Chat-Transkript: Richard Taylor

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Heute Abend hatten wir die Ehre Weta-Workshop-Chef Richard Taylor persönlich in unserem Chat begrüßen zu dürfen. Der vielbeschäftigte Oscar-Gewinner betrat um 21:16 Uhr den Chat und plauderte 45 Minuten locker über seinen Job und den HERRN DER RINGE. Für alle, die nicht dabei sein konnten, haben wir jetzt ein Transkript des Chats online gestellt.

WETA berichtet hier über den Chat.


RICHARD TAYLOR (06.12.07 ab 21:16) (gekürzt)

-[21:16] * RichardTaylor (Richar////////////wetafx.co.nz) has joined #event

-[21:16] * chat.herr-der-ringe-film.de sets mode: +o RichardTaylor

[21:16] <MARCBLEE> Meine Damen und Herren, Ladies und Gentlemen, begrüßt live aus den WETA Studios in Neuseeland, den fünffachen Oscar - Gewinner, hier ist Mr. Richard Taylor!

[21:17] <@TomRingConFedCon> Applause for our amazing guest

[21:17] <MARCBLEE> Here he is.

[21:18] <Varia> Thank you for spending some of your precious time with us Richard

[21:19] <@RichardTaylor> Hi everyone, we have had an exciting year with lots of busy projects, including Avatar, Prince Caspian, the Halo short movies and now we are on Justice League with George Miller. We have also been developing a new chilren's television show after the success of Jane and Dragon and we are now in production of this, which is fantastic for all the team. But we are looking forward to our 2 week Xmas break as everyone is feeling a little weary afte


[21:20] <MARCBLEE> If you have anything else to add, we will open the floor for questions.

[21:20] <@RichardTaylor> It is our pleasure. I have Ri my Assistant typing because I am still a two finger typist. But hopefully I can keep up with the questions.

[21:21] <@RichardTaylor> Let's open the floor, it will be pleasure to talk to everyone

[21:21] <Willow> I attended the London premiere for the first of the Narnia films and saw only yesterday the trailer for the 2nd out due in May 2008 (Looks great!). Will you attend any premieres personally?

[21:22] <@RichardTaylor> The premieres are truly the highlight of the whole trip on these movies but unfortunately it is so dependent on our schedule as we are almost always busy on a new project. I do hope that I get invited though as the LWW premiere was truly the most incredibly event I think I have ever been to. Wasn't the party amazing!!!

[21:22] <graugandalf> Hi Richard. WETA Workshop is the biggest inspiration of my life. Next year I'll start a training to be a special effect Make up artist. 3 years. How long is the training in New Zealand?

[21:23] <@RichardTaylor> The courses run in NZ are predominantly 1 year courses. The best thing you can do though is to try and distinguish your work from the other people in your course by giving it a point of different. Try and do your own character work outside of the classes to enhance your portfolio and to make it stand out above your other classmates.

[21:24] <@RichardTaylor> We look for uniqueness when we look at portfolios as well as technical skill and of course the pre-requisite amount of passion. I wish you well and please send us your portfolio when you have completed your course.

[21:24] <walnutfilmer> Do you think that independent filmmaking has a future and that it is possible to become a good director without studying at filmschool, like PJ did it, the DIY-way?

[21:26] <@RichardTaylor> I think that you would find that there are many more directors that started off shooting films in their bedrooms or back gardens than people that have been through Uni to learn these skills. There is great value in attending good courses with inspirational tutors but of course like all things you have to give it a go and get into the thick of the process to really appreciate the challenges and the inspirations that go hand in hand with this am

[21:28] <BLTorres> Well, doing what you do and being as creative as you do, are there times in which you are actually NOT creative and if so, what do you do to get inspired?

[21:28] <Yggdra_Sil> May I ask a quesion?

[21:28] <@RichardTaylor> Please do?

[21:28] <graugandalf> Richard, I'm already a hairdresser and beautican. I want to work for your company and I did a lot of 3D sculptures and models with cheap material. Toilett paper, newspaper, color and many more. It's a big dream to work for WETA an because of this, I'll come next year to Wellington to give you my application forms and photos. You will be confident!

[21:30] <@RichardTaylor> Firstly, in answer to the first question - sometimes we do hit a block when we are struggling to find solutions to a chalenging brief. The best thing at this point is to relax off and all get together for a creative discussion amonst the team here at the Workshop. It is incredible how a simple chat around a subject may begin to spark new and more creative ideas than just one individual can come up with. We find taht people build on top of ea

[21:31] <@RichardTaylor> You would be most welcome to come visit us when you arive in NZ. I started off sculpting in margarine so please don't be concerned about your medium of choice, it is more about how you wield your creative talents in response to the different material that you choose to use. The first thing I think I ever built when I was a child was a paper mache dragon made out of toilet paper tubes and the paper as the paper mache.

[21:31] <Yggdra_Sil> What is your favour material to work with? is it wood or feather or metal? and for what reason?

[21:33] <@RichardTaylor> I love the visceral quality of working in clay. We sculpt predominantly in plasticine but this is a very defining material, which takes a lot of energy to push around and work into a form. I love the way that you can actually sketch in clay - shifting it, subtracting it, adding it quickly. It feels organic and alive in your hands as you work the piece. There is something very satisfying working with such a primiive medium as mud out of the g

[21:36] <pontotoadfoot001> you will not remember me i gave you a dino pen in july and i droped off a cray body about 4 months back this is a message to say hi and keep up the great work and come to the hawkes bay come to National aquarium of nz and ask for Scotty i will give you and your family the royal tour

[21:37] <@RichardTaylor> Hi there PontoToad, we certainly remember you and we were just commenting your name come up that you gave us that wonderful pen. Thank you. It is in our gift cabinet in our reception area. I will definitely take you up ont he invitation to the Aquarium. I travel up to Havelock North to drive my miniature steam loco on the track up there a couple of times a year so we will certainly enjoy bringing the family for a visit. I greatly appreciate

[21:37] <pontotoadfoot001> i work with kiwi and reptiles

[21:38] <LuthiensTochter> Good evening Mr. Taylor!I am a great Fan of all your work and I deeply admire your creative spiritI have already made myself an Elvish armour using early drafts of your Creation for the Lorien Elves. I hope you are ok with that? I used for example Leather and metal, and some fiber-glass and special glue . What materials did you use for the Lorien Elf Armoury and Weaponery?

[21:38] <pontotoadfoot001> just drop me a line

[21:38] <@RichardTaylor> Fantastic. We have just presented a Tuatara replica to the DOC people which they were very thankful for. (For everyone that is unaware of a Tuatara, it is a wonderful native NZ lizard that has been unchanged since before the dinosaur and this year we built an animatronic replica to try and help with the mating issues for the Dept of Conservation (DOC) Tuatara programme)

[21:39] <pontotoadfoot001> I work with 5

[21:39] <@MARCBLEE> Animatronic mating? I'd like to see that!!

[21:40] <@RichardTaylor> Thank you for your kind words and it means a huge amount to our team here at the Workshop when we hear that people have felt inspired to create replicas from the film. We used a combination of materials but predominantly the armour was made out of urethane foam cast into molds and then metal plated. lots of fine leather and leaf maille.

[21:40] <twix> Hello Richard and the rest of WETA :) How is the project "Avatar" doing? Is it as much fun (so far) working on that project, than on LotR? :)

[21:41] <@RichardTaylor> They are certainly very different projects but equally as challenging and wonderfully demanding at a creative level.

[21:42] <@MARCBLEE> AVATAR is secretive. Can you tell us more? Sorry folks.

[21:42] <definition> I visited the exhibition of Lord of the rings in Germany.You created more armours than were shown at this exhibition...where are all these armours and is it possible to buy one of these armours?

[21:43] <@RichardTaylor> Unfortunately we can't talk of this project yet as it is improtant that we respect the Studios wishes, but I can say that James Cameron has been an amazingly inspirational and visionary person to work with.

[21:43] <@MARCBLEE> Thanks

[21:44] <@RichardTaylor> We have looked after the armour with great care and archieved it with a large storage facility here in Wellington. Sadly the armour isn't for sale as the hope is one day we will get to exhibit it as the full collection for the world to see. This would encompass a massive museum environment, as you can imagine trying to exhibit every item created in LOTR would be quite an undertaking but fun all the same.

[21:44] <Precious1> Hi Richard, first of all thanks again for having David come to Ringcon. It was such a pleasure having him givng his lectures and speaking to him about his personal and your projects! My question relates to The Silmarillion, for which both Dacid and Daniel Reeves ahve already prepared some work (for fun). Would you also be interested in working on that? Much as I love LOTR, The Sil is IT for me...

[21:46] <@RichardTaylor> There is no doubt that for Daniel Falconer, myself and a number of the Tolkien enthusiasts in the Workshop, the ultimate conclusion to our journey on these films would be to make the Silmarillion as a film. It would be an amazingly challenging project, especially from a script writing perspective but also the visual scope of the world and the creatures that inhaibit it would be one of the great creative challenges of all time. Unfortunately I

[21:47] <fiwen85> I have visited the LOTR Exhibition in Berlin and was a little sad that just three dresses were there. Did Weta decide which objects where shown and if so why only three dresses? I thought in other places there were more objects exhibited 2026

[21:47] <fiwen85> and thanks a lot for being here!!!!

[21:48] <@RichardTaylor> We didn't make the selection for Berlin, this was done by the National Museum called Te Papa. We were very pleased with the job they did with the Exhibition but you may be right in that possibly some more fabric garmets would have been nice to have seen. It was very difficult though to condense that massive body of work into an exhibition that can travel in a fixed number of shipping contianers to various corners of the earth. It made us ver

[21:48] <@RichardTaylor> It is my pleasure to be here.

[21:49] <Carwyn> Good evening mr. Taylor. I´ve seen the ´Lord of the Rings Exibition´ in Potsdam 2013 Germany this year. For I´am a great Rohirim-Fan and also an great Eomer-Fan I wondered what words are there engraved in the leather neck-shield of Eomers Helmet?

[21:50] <@RichardTaylor> Although I have the helmet sitting downstairs on display and I walk past it everyday, I have sadly forgotten this detail. If you would send me your email address via Marc I will have Daniel wite the text down and send it to you.

[21:50] <LadyEsgalwing> Imagine you would not work at WETA.Wich other profession woullmained you have considered?

[21:51] <@RichardTaylor> In all honesty I struggle with the concept of not doing this for a living. People have often asked would I like to direct but although this would be a wonderful challenge it would keep me from doing what I love doing which is working from within the Weta building with the creative people here. If the film industry didn't exist in NZ I think ultimately I would be trying to make a career as a fine arts sculptor, as this brings me alot of enjoym

[21:52] <Anon6661> Hi Richard! Just wanted to say that I love your work on Lord of the Rings and other movies. But I was especially delighted and happy when I saw the Warthog from Halo. I love Halo and the Warthog becoming real was simply amazing! And so were the other props from the Halo short films, the guns and armour, amazing! Just keep your good work up and hopefully there 2019ll soon be a Halo movie!

[21:52] <Yggdra_Sil> congratualion to Dirk making RingCon with Stefan and Marcel - which is your inspsiration which you and your wife makes your work go? on? i think its passion which is making we all come through?

[21:53] <@RichardTaylor> Here's hoping and thank you for this. Halfway through the year Bungie asked us if we would do these short movies but the great challenge was that there was only 6 weeks in which to create all the armour, weapons, the Brute and the Warthog - so time was very challenging. I am so glad though that we said yes to it and took it on. As it was an amazingly rewarding experience and we thoroughly enjoy tearing around in the Warthog when we get a cha

[21:54] <@RichardTaylor> Please be aware that unfortunately I am close to running out of time. I have to pop next door to do some publicity for the movie "Waterhorse" which we did during the year.

[21:54] <@TomRingConFedCon> okay...last question

[21:55] <walnutfilmer> Since when do you know PJ and what was your first project?

[21:55] <Olwe> Hi Richard, great having you with us. Germany is well-known for its great beers, beautiful castles, a warm welcome to visitors and, of course, the best football team in the world. What else would we have to offer to get you to Ring*Con and enjoy a great weekend?

[21:55] <Eolise> good question Olwe!

[21:55] <Tiwele> great question Olwe *g*

[21:56] <@RichardTaylor> The inspiration is self generating here because every new project demands sucha level of creative and technical input from the team that for Tania and I we only have to be associated and around this creative explosion in those first few weeks on any project and it continues to lift you and inspire you onwards. I am 42 now and have been doing this for 21 years and I still get up in the morning and can't wait to get to work to join the team and

[21:56] <@MARCBLEE> Thank you so much for this Richard.

[21:56] <walnutfilmer> and greets to PJ.

[21:57] <Tiwele> yes, thanks a lot

[21:57] <@MARCBLEE> I will come get you myself!!!

[21:57] <Anon6661> thank you richard :)

[21:57] <@TomRingConFedCon> Amazing chat, fantastic questions, great answers

[21:57] <Potter-Freak> happy new year

[21:57] <Yggdra_Sil> Only YOU-and STEFAN SERVOS AND MARC B LEE of course! never meet such another people!

[21:57] <Eolise> Yes, Thank you very much! I've been looking out for this very long!

[21:57] <fymhrisfawr> thanks for your time, enjoy the summer in God's Own!

[21:57] <@TomRingConFedCon> big warm ring con chat applause for academy winner richard taylor

[21:57] <Varia> Happy Christmas and please come to Ringcon! Thanks for being here Richard

[21:57] <Eolise> Merry Christmas!

[21:57] <Willow> pleasure to chat with you. Take Care!!!

[21:57] <Olwe> Thanks for being with us, Richard!

[21:57] <woody345> thank you soo much

[21:57] <seremela> Thank you very much Richard an have a great christmas time. Hope to see you at RingCon :)

[21:57] <Olwe> Merry Xmas!

[21:57] <Anon6661> applause !!!

[21:57] <walnutfilmer> see ya

[21:57] <Eolise> Yes, YOU HAVE TO COME!

[21:57] <fiwen85> *applaudes*

[21:57] <@RichardTaylor> We had heard about Peter, this young guy living with his Mum and Dad making a crazy alien splatter movie. So when he was invited onto the set of a tv commercial that I was workng on I was excited to say hello and we ultimately became firm friends. I think we have been working together now for about 18 or 19 years. But I am not sure but whatever the years there is no doubt that Peter has been the pivotal inspiration in our creative careers.

[21:57] <Patrick_> Thanks very much.

[21:57] <Dottilein> Thank you very much.

[21:57] <craecker> Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

[21:59] <@TomRingConFedCon> before we end this chat: give marc an amazing big hand to bring richard to a chat with us.....unbelievable job buddy

[21:59] <Olwe> A Toast to Richard - thanks your amazing work!

[21:59] <@MARCBLEE> award winning RICHARD TAYLOR!!!!

[22:00] <@RichardTaylor> Thank you for this, it has saddened me greatly over the years that my scheudle has never given me the chance to travel to Ring Con. Marc has invited me every year and been very enthused about trying to get me there. I promise you it is not for lack of wanting to. It is the reality of the whirlwind in which we often work. All reports is that it is the best Con and everyone has an amazing time. I wish you all the best and thank you


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