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Winslet Does 'Rings' Test?

; Quelle: Cinescape

Yes, I know what Peter Jackson recently said: "[A]ssume any [Lord of the Rings casting] 'rumours' between now and March to be hogwash." Well, it's January and I have a Lord of the Rings casting rumor for you ... sort of.

One of the Insider's proven sources (she's been accurate with word on a number of projects in the past) in the Land Down Under claims that Kate Winslet was recently whisked to New Zealand to participate in a CGI test which Peter Jackson allegedly hopes to use in order to convince the powers that be to give LotR some additional financing. Here's my source in her own words:

"Kate Winslet was secretly taken to the New Zealand set (they're filming the whole thing on a private island...can you believe that? It's basically deserted, and they've done the thing up so the cast and crew can survive there for the year and a half of shooting). Kate is to play the role of some princess in a strange cameo apperance. Apparently Peter Jackson has just been doing plates of large crowd shots. He's done the Braveheart and hired the New Zealand armed forces to come in, wear costumes and become elves for some crowd shot plates to be later added to the principal photography which will begin in late Febuary. 5000 extras were used in this secret scene with Kate that was shot. I actually have it on further authority that this sequence (which took a 20 hour day to shoot) is just a test reel of cgi to convince the producers to beg for some more money. He did the same thing with Frighteners and it worked."

NACHTRAG: Dieses Gerücht wurde am 24. Januar 1999 auf der Seite AIN´T IT COOL NEWS widerlegt:

About that rumor about LORD OF THE RINGS going around...

Alrighty folks, I've been having a ton of folks send me the January 20th, 1999 scoop from CINESCAPE (Which you can read right here) that a top secret flying of Kate Winslet to a secret locale in New Zealand to film a brief sequence that would be for a CGI test to try to get more money from NEW LINE... Well, I figured I'd check the story out and well.. According to Peter not a word of it is true. So there's that one. I'm hoping to hear back from the kid with the casting sheets soon, so hang on, I'm working on it for ya.


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