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LOK NOR lands elf role in New Zealand

; Quelle: Aint It Cool News

Well LOTR geeks AICN may have an Elf on the inside to file furture spy reports for us win they begin shooting down under. Check it out...

Well I popped in to see what was up at that casting agency thing in Wellington, and it indeed was a talent company that supplies for such productions as Xena and Hercules, they dont have any connection with LOTR but they want to have lots of suitable people so they can submit when the time comes for extras.

The first person I met was an extremely tall fellow, so I knew I was at the right place, then I was suddenly surrounded by unwell looking women in tight clothes, solid looking "BLOKES" in all thier muscle enhancing garb, and of coarse tall/slender types, I saw a few being turned away for not being enough of what they were after, but I was welcomed in with the Elven box ticked, HOORAY.

As for the talent agency , well, let's just say it took two hours to wash away the sleaze. LOK NOR.


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