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Extras toss their hats into "The Rings"

; Quelle: NZ Press

WELLINGTON -- Big people, small people, exotic people . . . and many more hopeful, ordinary-looking people responded in their thousands to an unofficial casting call for Peter Jackson's film, Lord of the Rings.

Responding to an advertisement in newspapers for film extras with the attributes of being "very tall/slender men and women" and "very short people", a long queue of hopefuls persisted down studio stairs and out into the street, undeterred that it was an unofficial audition.

Yesterday, the third day of casting, was easily the busiest, Model Pool agency director Suzette Jackson said. Agency staff quietly briefed stair-waiters, telling them precisely and honestly what they were going for, and whittling out the obviously unsuitable.

"I knew I wouldn't get it," one of the many disappointed, Kristy Newland, said.

"I knew I was too short and too tall." Why had she come? "Just curiosity, I guess," she said.

Told he "had the look", Adam Burstall, about 1.9m, said he was trying to follow the lead of relatives into the industry. He would take any character that was going.

Not much over 1.2m, Angela Fearon said she had been urged to come by friends.

"I could only be a hobbit," she said.

No-one spoken to minded that it was an unofficial casting.

Official casting for the 15,000 extras roles in the offing was not due to start for another six months, a spokeswoman for Jackson said.

The agency was jumping the gun a bit, but was showing enterprise in marketing itself although whether its clients were hired was another matter.


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