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Elf Ticked

; Quelle: TolGalen

Beren here, the webmaster for this page, I've just been down to another casting call by Model Pool, this one in Christchurch. Though I might as well be the only person hosting a site to go so far. Didn't see the ad till about 11.30 this morning (6th February) first time it had been in the newspaper (The Press) here, so I thought there might me a bit of a queue, but off I went anyway.

Got down there, was only five minutes from home, and there was only 5 people there. So I'm met at the door by a young lady, was told what was going on and given a couple of forms to fill out, well a cover letter and a couple for froms. So I started scribbling away. Had all the usual stuff on them, name, address, age, availability etc. Then they took all my measurements, ticked the 'elf' box and sent me through to another room for a couple of photos.

There was a big guy getting some photes done when I went in, he was asked to take off his shirt so they could get a phone or what his body looked like. There was another guy before me, to get a couple of photos, I'd have said another elf. Then it was my turn, they had given me a a bit of paper with my name on it and they click one off with me holding that, then a couple more. One up quite close and another with me turned to the side slightly.

Then it was 'thanks a lot' and away I go. All this in about 15 to 20 minutes. However unlike the last couple of people that have written about this I was allowed to keep the cover page telling you what was going on, so I've scanned that in and the advert that was in the newspaper.

Well that was my experience so far with cast for the Lord of the Rings, I'm hoping something might come from it so I can get some inside info.

Well here's the advert and cover letter anyway, I'll let you know if anything further happens.


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