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"Lord of the Rings" Pic & Rumor

; Quelle: Cinescape

Xoanon passed along the above image (apparently originally from TVOne.co.nz), which depicts part of the land being developed for use in Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Also of interest, Xoanon's Lord of the Rings site heard some fascinating tidbits of rumor regarding the highly anticipated fantasy movies. Here's what his source in the New Zealand film industry had to say (keep in mind, the Insider has NOT confirmed this, it is JUST rumor):

"1.The rumour about Sean Connery being involved is still going strong among actor circles here, she at least believes there is a strong possibility that it's true.

"2.VOICES: She's heard that the Hobbits will have something like a Yorkshire country dialect; the Dwarves will be more cockney, the Men will be American ... and the elves slightly Irish (NOT comic-leprechaun Irish, just a faint lilt.) The wizards will be very BBC English."

und das ist der original Artikel von den NZ TV-One-News:

Waikato site for Lord of the Rings
Thursday, April 15, 1999
Quelle: TVone.co.nz

To say Okoroire, with its hot springs, motel, shop and golf course, is a long way from Hollywood is one of the bigger understatements you could make.

But courtesy of the army, the tiny Waikato settlement is now a step closer to the silver screen.

An undisclosed farm property is the site of the set for director Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings". The film's makers are increasingly coy about letting the public know where the development work is being carried out.

The hive of excavation is buried in a farm valley not visible from any road. The farm's owner has been sworn to secrecy.

Work has been going on for nearly a month, but Okoroire locals are looking forward to the actual filming, which will be a boon for the hospitality industry.


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