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Hobbiton News

; Quelle: AICN

Here is an image sent in from the Supersonic Scientist depicting the area where HOBBITON is being built for LORD OF THE RINGS. Of course the powerlines and fences will be gone, but... for now... this gives us a much clearer idea of what this is going to look like, eh? Here ya go..

Jackson on 'Talent Scout' To Massey

Famed New Zealand film-maker, Peter Jackson, is bringing his multi-million dollar production of Lord of the Rings to Palmerston North. Jackson shot to fame with his low-budget cult favourite Bad Tase, and found artistic acclaim with the darkly gothic Heavenly Creatures, and financial success with the US financed The Frightners.

Currently Jackson is remaining coy about the actual location to be used for the shooting, but has stated that he is sizing up his optitons before confirming his intentions in the Manawatu. However he is looking for approximately 80 to 100 young extras to various stature. Jackson will be appearing on Concourse on Wednesday 12th of May in the common lunch hour to look for prospective talent. I you are interested in auditioning, application forms will be available on the day. No previous experience is necessary.



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