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Matrix star, Die Hard hardman & gilt-edged Bond for Rings?

; Quelle: TolGalen

WingNut and New Line haven't been shaken - or stirred - into confirming if ex-007 Sean Connery will star in The Lord Of The Rings. The star has been rumoured as a natural for the $260 million trilogy since it was announced.

And even before he confirmed his interest in the project last month during Cannes Film Festival press conference, there were reports he and Peter Jackson had held top-secret talks in Wellington. Jackson's local café's even erected a cardboard cutout of Connery. Meanwhile, Matrix star Keanu Reeves has told an Australian magazine that he's been petitioning the Jackson camp to play Aragon. And Premiere magazine reports that Bruce Willis has also called Jackson seeking a role in the trilogy. Onfilm has also learned of three new Rings crew appointments - Nick Weir as props master, Jill Westwalker as assistant props master, and Nick Riera as props buyer. Filming is scheduled to start in September.

June 1999


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