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Faramir Casting Rumour

; Quelle: Ringbearer

Es scheint unter den Babylon 5 - Fans auch viele Tolkien Fans zu geben, sonst würden sie ihre Schauspieler nicht so gerne in den HdR-Rollen sehen.

This last April at an SF Convention in Baltimore, Joshua Cox (Lt Corwin from Babylon 5) revealed that he had been on some preliminary interviews for the part of Faramir. At the time he was headed to Europe for another interview with the producers. I don't know if he has been ruled out yet, but his apperarance at the con was quite in line with Faramir. All you had to do was give him a sword and you could see him in the part.

Dazu gab es einige Tage später folgenden Kommentar vom offiziellen Joshua Fan Club - Vertreter:

"I saw Josh a couple of weeks ago at a convention in North Carolina. He didn´t mention anything about the Lord of the Rings."


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