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Casting Profiles

; Quelle: Ringbearer




DEL'D IN NY Fri., Feb 19, 1999, Vol. 1999, #0219

Producers: Peter Jackson, Tim Sanders

Directord: Peter Jackson

Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Sthephen Sinclair, Pilippa Boyens

USA Casting Director: Victoria Burrows

New York Casting Associate: Sue Fried

Lost Angeles Casting Associate: Jenne Herbst

UK Casting Director: Hubbard Casting

Australia Casting: Mullinars Casting Consulstants

New Zealand Casting: Liz Mullane

Shoots: Sept. 1999 - March 2001 (See below)

Location: New Zealand





NEW YORK, NY 10003

PHONE NUMBER (212) 780-3342

fax number: (212) 777-93338

Sides will be available through Sides Express.

Note: victoria Burrows will be taping actors for four days only in New York, between March 9 and March 12, at Three Of Us Casting Studios. Tapes will be sent to the director in New Zealand. No exceptions.

NOTE: LORD OF THE RINGS comprises three full length feature films, for this purpose called Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Part One shoots Sept.. 10, 1999 - Feb. 17, 2000. Part Two shoots May 21, 2000 - Oct. 12, 2000. Part Three shoots Oct. 29, 2000 - March 22, 2001.

LORD OF THE RINGS is set in a mythical world populated by several different races or types of "people:" Hobbits (FRODO, SAM MERRY PIPPIN, BILBO), Elves (ELROND, ARWEN, LEGOLAS) Dwarves (GIMLI) and Humans (ARAGORN, GANDALF, BOROMIR, DENETHOR, THEODEN, FARAMIR, EOWYN).

For the HOBBITS it is our intention to cast actors of a normal height and use computer graphics to make them appear smaller. This will require the actors to shoot some of their scenes against blue screen, often reacting to a piece of tape, rather than another actor. The four main Hobbits are young, fit and with the possible exception of SAM, lean. It is likely the most suitable hobbit actors will be around 5 ft. 7 inches. They are also of a similar age, with Frodo and Sam being obviously older than Merry and Pippin. We will probably use prosthetics to a limited degree - ears and maybe noses. They will wear prosthetic feet, a little larger than normal. ACCENT: BRITISH

For the HUMANS the men of Middle-earth are essentially no different to us. There are no special notes regarding the human characters, other than that most will HAVE TO RIDE HORSES. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH.

For the ELVES they are the First Born of the peoples of Middle-earth. They are immortal, they are not subject to age or disease, but can be slain or die of grief. They are the fairest of all earthly creatures, tall and slender, graceful but not strong, resistant to the extremes of nature such as cold. Their senses, especially those of hearing and sight, are much keener than those of Men.... THE ACTORS PLAYING THE ELVES WILL HAVE TO WEAR SOME PROSTHETIC MAKE-UP, MAYBE EARS AND CONTACT LENSES. BRITISH ACCENT.

For the DWARVES they are the short, stocky miners and battlers of Middle-earth. Although about 4 feet in height, we think that casting a normal-sized person and reducing them with CG, will give us greater casting options. Dwarves should hav a a likable rough diamond quality. ACCENT: BRITISH.

FRODO BAGGINS. A Hobbit. 18 - 24 years old. Male. 5'4" - 5'9", normal build. Fine featured and good looking, Frodo is a natural leader. He is intelligent and carefree with a roguish sense of humor and a disarmingly boyish charm. Frodo lives in the shadow of his famous adventurer uncle, Bilbo, and longs to have his own adventures beyond the bounds of the Shire. However, when confronted with the terrors of the real world Frodo starts to doubt his own abilities. it is a testament to his courage and heart that, despite his misgivings and fears, he volunteers to the Ring to Mordor. Frodo's struggle with the malicious influence of the Rings pushes him to the brink of paranoia and madness. By the end of his journey Frodo is hanging by a thread, his strength almost gone, his carefree spirit broken. The Frodo who returns to the Shire is humble, quiet, haunted. Of all the characters in the story, Frodo has the most profound journey... LEAD ROLE. APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO AND PART THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH

SAMWISE GAMGEE. A Hobbit. 25 - 30. Male. 5'4" - 5'9". Stocky. Practical and quiet, Sam is often the source of unwitting humor - although he is more astute than some give him credit for. He is unsophisticated, quick-tempered and suspicious. Sam faces each new trial with a sometimes gloomy foreboding, but also a grim determination to see the job done. A humble gardener by trade, his intense loyalty to Frodo sees him rise to great acts of self-sacrifice and heroism. By the end of the story, Sam has grown in confidence and stature and his final parting with Frodo, although touched with sadness, also reveals the depth of understanding and wisdom which Sam has acquired... SUPPORTING LEAD. APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO AND PART THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH

MERIADOCK (MERRY) BRANDYBUCK. A hobbit. 18 - 20 years old. Male. 5’4” to 5’9”. Normal build. Merry is more canny and knowing than the average Hobbit. A master prankster, Merry is usually able to talk his impetuous partner in crime, pippin, into taking part in his schemes. Merry is quick-witted and resourceful, confident and cheerful. He dreams of being heroic, but in actual fact is not naturally brave and manages to surprise even himself when he is finally called to do great deed on the battlefield... IS A KEY PLAYER IN THE SUPPORTING CAST. APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO AND PART THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH.

PEREGRIN (PIPPIN) TOOK. A Hobbit. 18 - 20 years old. 5’4” to 5’9”. Normal build. The youngest Hobbit, pippin is impulsive, outspoken and a ball of energy. He is charming and fearless, but his lack of maturity and insight does tend to get him in trouble. Pippin is intrepid, mainly because he doesn’t stop to think about danger, but also because he has a big heart. Despite thinking himself quite worldly, it is his innocent and trusting nature which endears him so readily to others. He is a natural comic... IS A KEY PLAYER IN THE SUPPORTING CAST. APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO AND PART THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH.

BILBO BAGGINS. A Hobbit. 55 years plus. Male. 5’4” to 5’9”. Portly, compact. A true eccentric, who cares not a fig for the opinion of others, Bilbo is strong-minded, outspoken and does not suffer fools gladly. He has a great and abiding love for his nephew, Frodo, of whom he is enormously proud. Unlike most Hobbits, Bilbo has a great love of adventure and travel and given half a chance he will talk endlessly about his youthful exploits. Bilbo has a wide mischievous streak and even at his age still enjoys playing tricks upon his neighbors and relatives. After Bilbo gives up the Ring he quickly ages, losing much of his energy and mental agility... APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO. THIS IS A CAMEO ROLE THAT WILL REQUIRE THE ACTOR TO BEN IN NEW ZEALAND FOR APPROXIMATELY 4 WEEKS. ACCENT: BRITISH.

ARAGORN. Human. 30 -45. Male. Ruggedly handsome leading man. Leading Human role. He is enigmatic, brooking, handsome. Aragorn carries and aura of concealed power and greatness about him, but also a deep sense of humanity and kindness. Aragorn goes through a great internal struggle in facing his destiny as King. Valiant, noble and wry, he has never sought greatness an has an innate fear of the corrupting nature of power. Aragorn’s noble lineage is initially hidden beneath the persona of “Strider,” a mysterious ranger who is used to living rough and skilled in surviving in the wild. Aragorn is a skilled sword fighter... IS A KEY PLAYER IN THE SUPPORTING CAST. APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO AND PART THREE. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. ALSO SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

GANDALF. Human/Wizard. 55 years plus. Male. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE ACTOR WHO PLAYS GANDALF IS A CONFIDENT HORSE RIDER. Gandalf is a figure of great authority and warmth. He is a wise, far-seeing sage who dearly loves the good creatures of Middle-earth, in particular, Hobbits. A young spirit trapped in an old body, Gandalf is frustrated by his failing memory and arthritic knees. He is an eccentric and has moments of quirky comedy. Gandalf is reinvented halfway through the story when he changes from “Gandalf the Grey” to “Gandalf the White.” His age drops from 70’ish to early 50’s. The reborn Gandalf leads Gondor into war, but temporarily loses something of his old humanity and humor, becoming more formidable as a character... Lead. IS A KEY PLAYER IN THE SUPPORTING CAST. APPEARS IN PART ONE, PART TWO AND PART THREE. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. ALSO SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

SARUMAN. Human/Wizard. 60 years plus. Male. A melodic/hypnotic voice. Piercing eyes. Thin, tall, stooped. The Key Villain in the story. The leader of the Istari, the Wizards who offer counsel to the creatures of Middle-earth, Saruman has immense stature and dignity. As the story unfolds we learn that he has been corrupted by greed for power and has betrayed his sacred duties. Where he was once noble and wise, he is now arrogant and cunning; duplistic and self-serving... APPEARS IN PART ONE AND PART TWO. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. ALSO SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

BOROMIR. Human. 30 -45 years old. Male. Strong, tall, thick-set. Boromir is the eldest son of Denethor, steward of Gondor. Introverted and something of a loner, he has been oppressed by a domineering and violent father. Boromir is mistrustful of others, particularly Wizards, and regularly pours scorn on Gandalf. Boromir believes in the greatness of men, but he has no real belief in himself. The more likable side of his character is brought out by the Hobbits, whom he finds very endearing. Boromir is easily swayed by the power of the Ring and under its influence he turns quite malicious. He does, however, come to see the error of his ways and very honorably redeems himself, dying a hero’s death to save Merry and Pippin... MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE. APPEARS IN PART ONE. ACCENT AMERICAN OR BRITISH. ALSO SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

DENETHOR. Human. 50 - 70 years old. Male. A craggy, physically powerful man. elderly but not frail. The Steward of Gondor, Denethor is a troubled man with a violent temper, prone to making irrational decisions. He is mistrustful, obsessive, domineering and unreasonable. Denethor is ruler of Gondor, but he is acutely aware that the Steward is only the custodian of the throne, until the rightful king returns. Denethor does not accept this and resists the notion that one day the true king will return and take power from him. Denethor is a depressive, forecasting doom and destruction at every opportunity. he takes the loss of his son, Boromir, very badly, punishing his younger son, Faramir, for Boromir’s death. In a moment of arrogance and despair, Denethor kills himself, in final and absolute abnegation of his responsibilities as ruler of Gondor... KEY SUPPORTING ROLE. APPEARS IN PARTS TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

FARAMIR. Human 18 - 25. Male. Boyish, slim, handsome. Second son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor, Faramir has grown up in the shadow of his brother, the mighty Boromir. Reliable, intensely loyal to Gondor and its people, Faramir is adept at hiding the hurt and humiliation he feels when being ranted at by his deranged father. He is not serious or grim by nature, but he does have a premature weariness about him, as if for too long he has borne the weight of his father’s problems. Above all, Faramir is extremely honorable and displays a wisdom that is well beyond his years...KEY SUPPORTING ROLE. APPEARS IN PARTS TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

THEODEN. Human. 50 plus. Male. Very much in the image of a Norse King with possibly a Nordic look. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE ACTOR WHO PLAYS THEODEN IS A CONFIDENT HORSE RIDER. He is the King of Rohan. Theoden is old beyond his years; ailing and distracted, he is under the influence of a cunning and manipulative advisor, Wormtongue. It is only when Wormtongue is expelled that Theoden returns to his old self, shedding twenty years of decrepitude to assume the mantle of kingship... THEODEN IS A KEY SUPPORTING ROLE. REQUIRED FOR PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

EOWYN. Human 18 - 30, female. A Nordic warrior princess. MUST BE ABLE TO RIDE A HORSE AND WIELD A SWORD. The niece of King Theoden, Eowyn is sometimes called the White Lady of Rohan - this is in part due to her paleness and her long fair hair and in part to her solemn reserve, mistaken by some for coldness. She is beyond compare as a horsewoman, can wield a sword as well as any man and is neither squeamish nor sentimental. She may also have a sharp tongue and a caustic wit, but shows great vulnerability when her feelings are moved. This is particularly the case with Aragorn, with whom she falls helplessly and hopelessly in love... EOWYN IS A KEY SUPPORTING ROLE, WITH A BRIEF APPEARANCE IN PART ONE, FOLLOWED BY A LARGER ROLE IN PARTS TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

ARWEN. Elf. 18 - 30, female. Slender, graceful, fine-featured. WILL HAVE TO RIDE A HORSE AND WIELD A SWORD. The Elven princess of Rivendell, Arwen’s beauty is legendary. An Elf, Arwen is, by virtue of birth, immortal. Everything about Arwen is “Quick” - her fleetness, her smile, her temper, her understanding. She seems to enjoy playing against pre-conceptions of the classical serene Elven maiden. She dresses in armor, rides hell-for-leather and she gives her heart to a mortal man. Arwen’s love for Aragorn is deep and abiding. She is prepared to give up her immortality and embrace death for him. But she also loves her father, the Lord Elrond, and it costs her greatly to defy him. Arwen’s journey is towards a deeper understanding of the darkness and evil that exists in the world and a true understanding of what it means to be mortal... ARWEN IS THE FEMALE ROMANTIC LEAD. APPEARS IN PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

LEGOLAS.Elf. 25 - 35. Male. Slim, graceful, handsome. A prince of the Wood elves, Legolas is a deadly bowman, who can move with great stealth. Tall, slender and fine-featured, Legolas is physically everything that Gimli the dwarf is not! Legolas sees Gimli as a dour, work-obsessed and humorless curmudgeon. It's the dynamic of the "odd couple": two opposites constantly bickering and bantering, each making jokes at the other's expense. But beneath the veneer of ironic humor Legolas cares very much for those he has pledged to protect and ultimately he and Gimli become fast friends... LEGOLAS IS A KEY SUPPORTING ROLES IN ALL THREE FILMS. APPEARS IN PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

ELROND. Elf. 40 plus. Male Tall, slim, fine features. The Lord of the Elves of Rivendell and the father of Arwen, Elrond has great authority and wisdom, but also humility. He is something of a seer and is troubled by his daughter's love for the mortal, Aragorn, knowing as he does Aragorn's dark destiny. In a wider sense, Elrond feels a great sadness that the age of the Elves is coming to a close - but he does not try to change this fact, accepting it as fate... ELROND IS A CAMEO ROLE WITH BRIEF APPEARANCES IN ALL THREE FILMS. APPEARS IN PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH. STAR NAMES.

GIMLI. Dwarf. 30 - 50. male. A regular-sized person but short and stocky, with broad shoulders, would be preferable. (CG/blue screen will be used to shrink size.) A pugnacious dwarf with a big heart. Gimli is brave and valiant; a warrior to the core, who lives by the warrior's code, he is loyal to the last. Gimli is a boisterous spirit who enjoys poking fun at the Elves, in particular Legolas. Gimli loves wine and women and song and has a hearty sense of humor. Whilst hardly refined, he is capable of appreciating beauty, especially the beauty of well-hewn rock of the mines and tunnels made by his forebears... GIMLI IS A KEY SUPPORTING ROLES IN ALL THREE FILMS. APPEARS IN PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH.


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