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Die Antwort auf "Stars im HdR??"

; Quelle: AICN

About that Casting Report about LORD OF THE RINGS

Corona Coming Attraction and TheOneRing.net recently passed along a report that purported to be a cast list for LORD OF THE RINGS. I too got this report, but did some checking on it and here's what my source had to say...

It looks like crap to me ... most of the actors mentioned have never hit Peter's lists, let alone been seriously considered.

The only reason I hesitate is that I know that a company is preparing a Middle-earth computer game for release next year. It is totally unrelated to the movies, so I don't know much about it. It could be that they are using some of these people, but I doubt it.

Things are progressing well. The first casting announcement is due out tomorrow, I think. So far you are getting a reasonably good strike rate on your hot cast rumours - about 50/50.


Now you might be wondering about this Bombadil fella, but he's been shooting straight with me about LORD OF THE RINGS since his first report about Miramax's lack of cajones with the project back February of last year. (Click Here To Refresh Your Memory) and when I can't get an answer from New Line or Peter Jackson... This is my man in New Zealand close to the whole kit and kaboodle.

He's my DEEPTHROAT on LORD OF THE RINGS. As for the 50/50 bit... I know the Claudia Christian rumor is bunk, but I'm real damn sure about ELIJAH WOOD and I know that Sean Astin was at least heavily favored at one point by Peter. But as for the others... Well, I don't know. But I guess in the next couple of days we'll be getting some confirmations 'officially released'. So breathe in and breathe out. Be calm. Answers are coming.

By the way... this should not be read as an attack on Corona or TheOneRing.Net. Just consider it being me following up on their breaking stories. No hostility is meant, just clarification.

I was just contacted by a person associated with the 'video game in production' and they stated that NOONE on that list is being used in association with the production of the game in voice or in likeness. They also confirmed that they have little to no association with the film, that THOSE games will most likely be developed separately and through a different licensing agreement. So that's the latest.


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