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Rings units fan out

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The Lord of the Rings will break from shooting between the middle of next month and early new year. The three-picture $360 million project started filming on October 11 in Wellington and this month shifts to the South Island, where production will continue until the holidays.

Peter Jackson's using three units simultaneously to shoot the New Line epic; traditionally, only 1st and 2nd units are used.

Rings also is thought to be unique because the three movies are being shot at the same time. Whereas the nearest production equivalent, Back to the Future Parts 2 and 3, were shot consecutively, The Fellowship of the Rings, The Two Towers and The Return of the King are being made concurrently.

In other works, the same actors could be used for shooting Scene 3 and Scene 300 on the same day.

New Line executives called the filming "a pretty daring proposition" that hadn't been done before. Said president Peter De Luca: "Making this film is proving to be a wonderful adventure in its own right. Like Frodo, the hero of this saga, we're on a film 'quest', and I can't think of anyone better to lead us than Peter Jackson.

Weather for the first week was on the production's side. It did rain but not enough to affect the shooting schedule. Moreover, Jackson has several stages which can be used should the weather turn bad.

Wellington's town belt in My Victoria has been used for dense wood scenes featuring hobbits, including one with Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo.

Strict security has surrounded the filming. Wellington's The Evening Post wasn't allowed on the set; reporters were permitted only to see down the steep bank where the crew was setting up. The filmmakers also have applies to the Wellington City Council to use Athletic Park for special effects sequences.

November 1999



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