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Gerüchte und News aus dem Netz

; Quelle: Realm of the Ring

ein paar Gerüchte und News, die ich die letzten Tage im Internet zusammengesammelt habe...

Rivendell and Helm´s Deep
by Realm of the Ring

I recieved this information from a reliable source: Filming at the Helm's Deep set is running behind schedule. Instead of filming all the night time scenes before moving on to the day shots, they have been forced to film intermittently, with the daytime shoots filling most of the hours to finish them before Wellington's autumn weather kicks in. The night scenes will be filmed (apart from one or two exceptions alternating with the daytime shoots) after the day scenes are finished, but it is still unclear as to at what stage this will be. I also recieved information that they haven't filmed at the upper part of the castle set.

+ + +

Today I went up to the Rivendell set to have a look around and to see if I could catch a glimpse of any filming. I arrived up there and got quite a good view of the tower and the top of some other buildings. I went down to where the bridge is and looked up the river and saw that the scaffolding had a larger version of the other ornate tower on top of it.

I went across the bridge and saw the huge house of Elrond. and another tower.

There weren't any cars around or any people apart from a security guard at a portacom by the gate. So I guess they weren't filming today.

by Sharon

Just had lunch with my friend whose partner works in LOTR. I asked for general impressions only due to confidentiality issues, but there were a few tidbits. The costumes and attention to detail are stunning. In particular, the orcs are apparently absolutely terrifying; one tapped her on the shoulder once and when she turned around she nearly had a heart attack! She can't bring herself to walk past a group of them as they look so scary; she says they really make you want to run the other way! And this is in broad daylight without tense music, lighting, or scary orc voices. I love it.


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