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The release schedule of new trailers for LOTR

; Quelle: AICN

Wird der Kinotrailer Weihnachten 2000 in die Kinos kommen? ...

Hey folks, Harry here... Received a report from abroad about the release plan for the new trailers for LORD OF THE RINGS. The first will be released at Christmas 2000. If true, with which film will it be released? Surely the largest possible audience film coming up this holiday season from New Line will be the Adam Sandler film, LITTLE NICKY... which is coming about 45 days prior to Christmas on November 10th. However, there is a significant New Line release planned for release on December 20th... this is THIRTEEN DAYS, the Cuban Missle Crisis film written by David Self and directed by Roger Donaldson. I've been a long long long time fan of that script, and it was picked up for production at almost the exact same time that LORD OF THE RINGS was... New Line will most likely make a very strong Oscar and Award Show push for this film, at least on the page it seems to deserve many. However, it is a hard sale... historical drama with Kevin Costner... so what better than to attach to the front of every print the first teaser trailer to reach theater screens. Personally, if I were New Line, I'd buy off the MPAA and cut together a 4 minute trailer (for each of these). And watch and see how it will effect the box office for 13 DAYS. That's where I'd place my chips. As for Cannes... they'll probably have a special presence there... But for July 2001? Most likely that's the targeted release for RUSH HOUR 2, which is getting set for pre-production with Brett Ratner again at the helm and Jackie and Chris back... with a beauty added to the mix. And that September date... I have no idea... could be something like the Hype Williams directed LUKE CAGE: HERO FOR HIRE starring LL Cool J... or if it gets moving THE NOTEBOOK with Ashley Judd and directed by Jim Sheridan... but frankly... the September date is a pure guess for what film it might be... that is.. if they are attaching to NEW LINE only product, which... for this trailer... would be a good good marketing idea... just look how they are handling the DVDs and partialling out new LOTR extras on weird dvds... Hmmmm... here ya go...

Here comes a report from Europe.

I guess its valid worldwide (incl US) as they are planning a simultaneous marketing campaign.

Teaser 1 : X-mas 2000

Teaser 2 : Cannes 2001

Teaser 3 : July 2001

Trailer : September 2001

Can't reveal my source.

Greetings from the country where Fight Club was elected best movie of the year by EVERY major movie magazine but completely forbidden to less than 16 years old.




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