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Don Ross is not in!!

; Quelle: Sonicboar, Don Ross

Sonicboar send me in the information about the canadian guitar composer Don Ross who is probably involved in the Lord of the Rings project. He has talked with New Line Cinema about a part and got it. Perhaps he will play a role, perhaps compose the hobbit-songs, who knows. Ross is one of the most respected musicians in Canada and one of the top guitarists in the world. His style borrows from rock, classical music and folk. His first CD "This Dragon Won´t Sleep" was published 1995. Is this only a rumour or true...we will see.

Addition: I just got the information from an other LOTR-Webmaster that Sonicboar is been pushing Don Ross for quite some time now. Perhaps it´s only a rumour brought on by a fan´s overzealous hope.

Today I got this from Don Ross himself:



A fan from Canada has started lobbying for me to do the music for Lord of

the Rings, but I know nothing more than that...

All the best,

Don Ross



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