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Ethan talks about Faramir

; Quelle: Dagbladet

I just read in one of the biggest news papers in Norway. there was an interview with Ethan Hawke, about his new book, but they also mentioned the new movie, and i`ll try to translate what it says:

Q: Which person are you going to play?

E: I will play Faramir, the Brother of Boromir, in the third movie. The Lord of the Rings is actually one of my favourite books.

Q: Why do you think it has such big appeal today?

E: Because of all the myths, and all the corruption. I read it again last year, before I knew about the movie. It is one of the greatest books ever written!

Q: Will your wife play in the movie?

E: I don`t know. She has been talking with the producers. But we are a bit skeptical to working together.

that was all that was about the movie. I hope you can use it!