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New Line casts Tyler as queen in 'Rings'

; Quelle: Variety

McKellen, Wood also feted in trilogy By CHRIS PETRIKIN, NICK MADIGAN, August 27, 1999

Liv Tyler has been cast as Queen of the Fairies in New Line Cinema's trilogy "The Lord of the Rings."

Closure of the deal was held up by a scheduling conflict with Robert Altman's "Dr. T. and the Women," in which Tyler will star alongside Helen Hunt and Richard Gere. But a plan has been worked out for Tyler to leave the nine-month "Rings" shoot in New Zealand for a quick three-week stint on "Dr. T." in Texas.

Tyler is currently shooting USA Films' "One Night at McCool's" in Los Angeles, with Michael Douglas, Eric Schaeffer, Reba McEntire and Andrew Silverstein — formerly Andrew Dice Clay......


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