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Jackson Slams SW1

; Quelle: Cinescape

As one of the most anticipated projects in cinematic history, director Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy is rivaled in advanced moviegoer interest by only one property: the Star Wars prequels.

Though the modern computer effects advances that made the new Star Wars films possible also made it plausible to mount a serious attempt at realizing J.R.R. Tolkien's epic vision on the big screen, the Heavenly Creatures helmer is wary of putting too much emphasis on FX and not enough focus on story. "It would be a travesty if the story was buried under special effects. We don't want it to be another Phantom Menace," Jackson told the Scottish Daily Record. Ouch! Sort of reminds you of that "plot does matter" barb directed at Godzilla on the StarWars.com Web site last year, doesn't it?

Richtigstellung 29.07.1999

Peter asked me to send you the following in response to a story that appeared on the Cinescape web site:

"Peter has asked me to express his concern at a recent story you (Cinescape) ran on your site (Cinescape) entitled "Jackson slams SW1".

Your (Cinescape) story claimed that Peter had made negative comments about The Phantom Menace to the Scottish Daily Record newspaper.

Peter has never spoken to this newspaper, he did not make these comments, and if you read the original newspaper story, The phantom Menace comments are attributed to an " insider", not Peter.

Peter has nothing but the highest respect for the Star Wars films and the people that make them. He does not condone your (Cinescape's) sloppy attempt to create a rivalry between the two trilogies.

We would like you (Cinescape) to print a retraction on your web site explaining the incorrectly attributed comments.


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