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; Quelle: Peter Jackson online

Deluca hat sich bereit erklärt, die Fragen der Fans zu beantworten. Ich habe einige Fragen und Antworten hier aufgelistet.

Question: When Peter Jackson was confirmed as the director of LOTR it was a dream come true for me as I'm probably his biggest fan. But I am wondering why New Line (or was it Miramax first?) decided to choose him in particular as his earlier films (Bad Taste, Braindead, Meet the Feebles) although good films in their own right, are not what you can call 'art' and could put certain people off him handling such a sensitive project that LOTR is. So basically what I am asking is, what was it that convinced you all that he was the right person for the job?

Deluca:: It came to us with Peter attached already. I believe he was put on the project by producer Saul Zaentz, who did the Bakshi animated film. I think HEAVENLY CREATURES and Peter's passion got him the job.

Q: I'm not going to try asking for any secret cast details, I was just wondering if you, Peter Jackson or anyone else has considered Christopher Lee as Gandalf. Or if he has approached anyone connected with casting for the role. As I, Lee himself, and many other fans think he would be perfect as everyones favourite wizard.

A: Peter's into another actor right now for Gandalf.

DeLucia sent this to someone:

'there's a certain husband and wife team for Faramir and Galadriel that looks like it might work...I can't, they'll cut my throat if I spill the beans. Here's a hint though, think "Gattaca".

Then someone called Deacon got this and posted it to The One Ring.Net

Delucia: "They're both American."

Hello Sir

I am sure you are getting alot of request for info and probably sick of answering them but I have a couple of general questions I would like answered please if you can. Do you know how many Speaking parts there will be in LOTR and is it true that the budget will be over $360 million wow way to go guys. Thank you so much if you can answer these questions

Mike Sisco

There's hundreds of speaking parts and the budgets $60 million per film.

Questions by 'Cirdan

1) what will Sauron looks like?

Sauron will look awesome and scary.

2) will we see scenes or things are very different to the book? (e.g. Arwen in the Fellowship or something like this)

Peter's staying pretty faithful to the books.

3) when will we see the first official pics of the sets and actors?

I think you'll see set pics after the fall of this year.

Questions by 'Mike'

I'm sorry, sir, but what you say is just too tempting to resist. No hints on whos up for Gandalf at all? Not even a tiny clue if he is known or unknown? I would dearly like to thank you for taking the time to talk to fans. You've restored my faith in (some) studio works.

Ian McKellum is under consideration for Gandalf.Ian Holm is in the running for Bilbo, but he wants to wait to see who plays Gandalf.

Hi Mr. deLuca

My name is ___ and I am 10 years old my birthday was july 3. This is my first email ever and my dad is helping me send it on his computer and most times he wont let me use it because i have a playstation but i asked him about the lord of the rings movie and he said i could email you if I wanted to and he is helping me email it. I have read the lord of the rings with my dad at night while my mom works and she is a nurse and I also listen to the lord of the rings on tape. Are the elves going to have pointy ears like other elves and will there be trolls with the orcs in the third movie and also olephants? Also my brother says that a rock star named David bowie is going to play elrond and is that true, too? I saw a video with him in it on vh1 on cable and he would be a good elf. if you are too busy to email me back it is ok and my dad says you must be getting alot of emails too. I want to really really thank you for doing this movie and i hope there will be action figures too. Lord of the rings is better than star wars and it is a cool story. Also my dad says you are a nice man because you take email from people who see your movies and he says hi.

Thank you sir,

the Lidless Eye

Thanks for your e-mail, I'm so honored to receive your very first one. The films will look just like the way things are described in the books, but David Bowie is not in the movie. I think you'll be happy with the way they'll turn out.

I just received a mail from M. Deluca. I asked for basic informations about the possible casting of Patrick McGoohan for the LOTR movie.

Peter's not really into the McGoohan idea.


I was wondering, will the ending of the first part of the trilogy correspond to the book, or will it be 'moved' so that the film ends with a 'cliffhanger'? Thanks,


It'll correspond.

I e-mailed DeLuca about the ending of ROTK, and he says

the Parting at the Grey Havens will be seen.

Thank you for your swift reply, I understand you are busy. We are very excited you have picked up the ball and taken on this giant of a literary masterpiece. You make history sir. That being said...any Boromir clues? Is he cast yet? Is it a star, an unknown? Is Sean Bean in the running?

Thank you again,

Noel G. Alcoba

Tolkien fan since 1982

Once we have a locked schedule, we are going to try one star in particular for Boromir.

Hi Michael,

I know you can't give too much away, but is there any chance that Patrick Stewart will be involved? I can't think of anyone who could deliver a performance of Denethor like Stewart could.




I don't think he's on Peter's list because of unavailability.

Mr Deluca: One question/request for you about the LOTR films...PLEASE tell me the rumors of Al Pacino as Gandalf are utter bolderdash! Please!

Thank you,

-Bill Edmunds

It's bulls**t.

I sent an email to Michael Deluca in which I asked him whether either member of the inscrutable "couple" were American. His response . . .

They're both American. Period.

First off,I would just like to say that I know it can be frustrating for New Line with all of these leaks getting out about "The Lord of the Rings" movies.However,this is only due to the fact that there is so much anticipation and excitement for these films that we crave to know what is going on.This kind of hype by the fans can only mean one thing for New Line:They have the makings of a hit on their hands.Just look what it did for "The Phantom Menace".The internet provides free advertising that you can`t put a price on and that most studios would love to have for a film of theirs that hasn`t even gone into production(by the way,thanks for the official site).These movies are the next BIG thing and are the only true threat to Titanic`s #1 position!

Second,I don`t want to ask a question directly about the movies.I want to ask about a license.Although it is probably too early in the game to know anything,I still have to ask.I know there will be figures and since I am a collector I feel the only company to do the characters any justice would McFarlane Toys.I know you can`t give me a definite answer but are they one of the companies being looked at?A reply would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

We are considering Todd [McFarlane Toys].

Hello Michael,

I have heard that there may be a Hobbit movie if LOTR is successful. I was wondering if when casting Bilbo, you planned on having the same actor play Bilbo in The Hobbit (assuming LOTR is successful-- and it will be!).

I think it would have to be the same actor, and that is a consideration of Peter's in casting Bilbo.

Since you're probably getting tired of all the questions concerning who is going to play what, I just want to know whether or not there is anymore of those amazing artworks like the ones on the official site. And if so, when will we get a chance to see them?

Not yet.

This one's from 'Jay'

Man, you are one cool guy to read all those letters. Anyways, my question is not as to the point like all the others. I don't want to throw any namesinto my question because I know you can't answer it. What I want to know is, what percent done are you with the casting? This includes main character and/or minor characters. PS. It's nice to have Tolkien fans in high places :)

About 60 %

This one's from 'Legolas'

So, umm, are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke going to be Galadriel and Faramir? Are you going to replace Glorfindel or Eowen with Arwen? Thank you for your cooperation.

Honestly don't know yet on either.

by Ringbearer:


Thought I'd send in these responses I received from Michael DeLuca a couple of weeks back concerning Patrick McGoohan.

Firstly I asked him if Patrick was in line for any of the older roles (this was before the McKellan stories broke)

First reply:

Thanks for the kind words. Peter Jackson has pretty good ideas for the older actors, but he's not made any final decisions yet.

Next after reading someone else's response from Michael DeLuca saying that Peter Jackson was not really into the McGoohan idea, I wanted clarification if this was just for the role of Gandalf, or any role in the trilogy.

Reply 2

For Gandalf.

Next I asked if I could take it that this meant Patrick McGoohan may be in the running for a different role.

Reply 3:

I actually don't know.

Finally I asked for clarification on whether this meant that he didn't know if McGoohan was in the running for a role, or Michael didn't know which particular role Patrick McGoohan was in the running for? As you can tell I am ever hopeful! :)

Reply 4:

I don't know right now if he's being considered for anything.

Entirely inconclusive in the end, but interesting nonetheless. I suppose it would be fair to say that Patrick McGoohan could still be in line for a role and of course there is also that vague, tantalizing comment made by Moriarty over at AICN and I quote: "I've heard a lot of great names bandied about like Christopher Lee, Patrick McGoohan, and Tom Baker, and it's been rumored that these actors may yet find their way to Middle Earth." This was after he had just announced that Ian McKellan and Ian Holm were signed up, so his information is reliable.

The plot thickens!!

Take care.


If you'd like to see Patrick McGoohan in a great 'kingly' role.. see him in Braveheart.. amazing work!


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