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Aragorn gecastet!

; Quelle: AICN

Xoanon von TheOneRing.net behauptet zu 10000 % sicher zu sein, daß die Rolle für Aragorn besetzt ist!! Harry von AINT IT COOL NEWS hatte dazu diesen Kommentar:

LORD OF THE RINGS casting: Aragorn

Alright folks, here's that unknown that I guess Deluca was talking about Peter Jackson trying to convince them about. The below picture was the most.. Aragorn-y shot I could dig up for y'all, but I do want all of you to know that Xoanon, sent this in... But I did get it confirmed from a source at NEW LINE and it's dead on. Great work Xoanon! Now before you TalkBackers begin going apeshit cause you think he's too pretty boyish... or you begin belly-aching about how he ain't done anything that can convince you he can be the guy with a half sword. Well, first off you haven't seen this guy in make up or costume. If you are like me, you've never seen him before period. All I know about him is... well, he's been cast as Aragorn... and you can take that to the bank!


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