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Moriarty's Report on THE LORD OF THE RINGS!!!

; Quelle: AICN

in Ausschnitt aus dem Artikel über die alte Drehbuchvorlage des HdR, als die Rechte noch bei Miramax lagen, mit Zeilen aus dem Prolog.

Rest assured, the material is in the right hands. It's obvious from the first page of the first script. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I read Frodo's first voice-over, delivered as the opening TITLES are shown:.

When we turn away from the darkness of
our past to take comfort in our peaceful
lives, we sometimes forget how dearly
that peace was bought. But there is
much worth remembering in the darkness...

Any questions I had about how seriously Jackson planned to treat the darker aspects of the material evaporated as I read of the great battles that closed out the Second Age of Middle-earth. The imagery is stark, brutal, and sad, effectively etched in just a few short pages. It was wrenching to read the intensity with which the armies of Elf and Man stand against the power of Sauron. When Isildur has the opportunity to destroy the Ring but doesn't, it's crushing. Then, just like that, Isildur is struck down, and as the One Ring settles to the bottom of a river, Frodo speaks again:.

Thus a Third Age of Middle-earth began.
History became legend... legend became
myth. And some things that should not
have been forgotten were lost.

den ganzen Text findet ihr bei AIN´T IT COOL NEWS


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