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Merry confirmed!!

; Quelle: AICN

Joram von Ringbearer.org hat tatsächlich einen Treffer gelandet!! Dominic Monaghan wird Merry spielen.

Alright folks, Joram over at RingBearer.Org was the first site to come forward with this fella as being associated with the role of Merry in LORD OF THE RINGS.

Well... He looks right doesn't he? He's fantastic on the PBS's MYSTERY! (Yes, public television often rocks!) But is he indeed part of the Fellowship? Yes. Dominic Monaghan is indeed playing Merry, I got it confirmed by a couple of wee folks. Not only that... BUT... he is one of the mystery 3 that Peter eluded to me about. So that STILL leaves two others that have major roles, played by NOT BIG NAMES, but have been signed on completely in the film. Hmmmm.... 2 more to go.... This is a tough series of riddles. However, I have to say that ol Dominic seems to fit right in there with Elijah, Billy and Sean. I think they all have that Hobbit-y look that will eventually age into that Holm-y look given many more decades.

Danke Andreas Kuempel für den Tipp :)


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