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Lord of the Rings film-to-be generates online buzz

; Quelle: CNN

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Shooting hasn't begun on the new film version of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy -- the first in the series, "The Fellowship of the Ring," is slated for release in December 2000. But fans on the Internet already are swarming on the subject like orcs at a barbecue.

The official site is www.lordoftherings.net, which shows some very dramatic conceptual art of what the film is expected to look like when it's finished in 2001.

Another site, www.theonering.com, has a huge collection of both facts and rumors as well as a slow-growing cache of pictures of the confirmed stars. They include Elijah Wood as Frodo, Sean Astin as Sam, and Sir Ian McKellen as the Wizard Gandalf.

The One Ring's competitor, ringbearer.net, is also trying to keep tabs on Middle Earth and its proxy in New Zealand, where the movie is being filmed.

And finally, surfers always can drop by aint-it-cool-news.com. It has established itself as a clearinghouse of information both accurate and otherwise on all sorts of upcoming high-profile pictures. The site is taking a special interest in the one film to rule them all.

16th September 1999



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