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New Q&A with Sir Ian McKellen

; Quelle: McKellen.com

Ian McKellen hat auf seiner Website wieder einen Haufen Fragen der Fans beantwortet.

Q: I'm sure you would be, but are the other actors in the production using the proper accents? By that I mean English accents, and perhaps some kind of European accents for other human nations of Middle Earth, like Rohan?

A: For the two Elvish languages and for the Black Speech of Mordor, Andrew Jack (Dialect Coach) is following carefully Tolkien's own instructions in his appendices to the novels. Assistance is also coming from two experts in America who can actually converse in Tolkien's invented languages. As for the characters' accents, everything follows Tolkien and a Celtic timeless feel prevails rather than a transatlantic modern one!

Q: Very excited here in Texas to see the new photo of the hobbit actors.

A: A Gandalf photograph will appear in Vanity Fair later in the year.

Q: What was your first conference with Peter Jackson like?

A: Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh visited my home in London a year ago and told me the story of their involvement with Tolkien in detail. They showed me many of the designs and illustrations for costumes.

I was impressed not just by their self-evident artistry and enthusiasm for the project but also by their determination to protect the source material from commercial encroachments.

I have not been disappointed since

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