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; Quelle: TolGalen

Beren von TolGalen hat einige Presseeindrücke zum Preview-Trailer gesammelt.

Preview news article

The news article One News played before the preview was aired. Click here to view the Real Media file.

Second preview news article

The news article One News played on the late news once they got to see the preview. Click here to view the Real Media file.

Lights, camera ... wait

Thousands of fans were forced to wait to see a preview of scenes from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy on the Internet last night, after heavy demand forced delays. Many attempts to view the two-minute film were unsuccessful till 90 minutes after the scheduled 7pm broadcast. Film spokeswoman Claire Raskind said the huge number of "hits" on the Internet site by United States viewers caused the delay.

8th April 2000

The Dominion

Lord preview transfixes millions

SWORDS clashed, stars strutted in their Middle Earth costumes and Kiwi director Peter Jackson broke his silence in cyberspace on the magical Lord of the Rings film.

Fans of J R R Tolkien's story were drooling after their first glimpse of the $360 million trilogy, being filmed in New Zealand, which was broadcast on the internet on Friday.

And there could be more to come - the project's producers are not ruling out more sneak previews to keep audiences interested before the first film is released at Christmas next year.

More than one million fans worldwide clamoured to download the preview, leaving many in this country waiting an hour and longer to secure the two-minute segment.

The teaser mixed edited footage with behind-the-scenes animation work and interviews with Jackson and Rings star Elijah Wood. Actress Liv Tyier and actor Sir Ian McKellen also featured. Several grand scenes showed thousands of Ore warriors marching to battle, set against what appears to be Mt Ngauruhoe.

Jackson's technical effects company Weta is using the most powerful post production computers in the southern hemisphere to create the special effects.

"The technology has caught up with the incredible imagination that Tolkien injected into this story of his and so this is the time," said Jackson.

Rings fan and website organiser Erica Challis said she spent an hour trying to download the preview but it was worth it. "What grabbed me were the big scenes, with thousands of Orcs marching - the scale of it. I guess that's the first glimpse at the scale of the films."

The teaser provoked a flurry of international cyberspace conversations.

9th April 2000

Sunday Star Times (Oskar Alley)

Lord of the Rings teaser creates frenzy on Web

A two-minute trailer for The Lord of the Rings movie has spawned a global online frenzy as J.R.R. Tolkien fans devour and dissect it frame by frame.

Hundreds of Websites devoted to the film trilogy have been running hot with talk about what the fleeting images posted on the Internet represent and how accurate they are.

The fans, who see it as their duty to keep the film-makers true to Tolkien's elaborate vision of Middle Earth, have largely given the thumbs-up to New Zealander Peter Jackson's interpretation of the hobbits, wizards and other characters.

Christchurch man Philip Capil, who runs the Tol Galen Website devoted to the film, said that while all Tolkien fans had their own mental images of how things should look, he knew Jackson would do a good job.

"I was very impressed with the battle scene with the volcano in the background."

More than one million people logged on to the Internet at 7 pm on Friday, jamming the preview as soon as it was posted.

Film publicist Claire Raskind said the server could accommodate up to a million hits simultaneously, and while it was hard to gauge the level of interest, the Website was overloaded as soon as it came on the Internet.

"People were waiting at their computers to log on. People got up in the middle of the night to log on," she said.

"That's so cool."

Some people waited more than an hour to download the footage.

While fans have complained about the medieval look of the film, most were impressed.

Frame by frame, the analysis being conducted over the Web is intense: "We now believe the scene of our heroes running through the woods is after the fall of Gandalf."

On another frame: "Current theories have this as Arwen racing away from the Riders."

The teaser, which included several action scenes, was described by writer Michael Martinez as "a vaccine ... a dose of reality" for Tolkien purists.

"So what if Jackson's Middle Earth doesn't look like Tolkien's ... This Middle Earth is going to jump off the screen," he said.

And there was high praise for New Zealand's natural beauty.

"The myriad of landscapes we see in the Internet preview is astounding.

"If we don't forgive Jackson's creative licence, loosen up and learn to enjoy these movies, how can we possibly forgive ourselves?"

A survey by one Website showed 10 per cent of fans would be prepared to pay $US1000 ($2012) for tickets to see the film today, while a quarter would pay $US100. The Website is www.lordoftherings.net

10th April 2000

New Zealand Herald (THERESA GARNER )


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