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Mehr ComicCon Berichte

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Hi everyone, an exhausted Joram here. It`s been crazy weekend to say the least! I`ll be writing up my thoughts on four days worth of ComicCon early this Monday morning.

ou`ll get the whole story behind this picture of Sir Ian, Bryan Singer and myself for sure! For now, I recommend you check out Ted`s TolkienOnline ComicCon coverage as a primer for what went down in the realm of Lord of the Rings. Note spoilers in his story, so don`t click afore-mentioned link if you`d like to remain unaware!

(Quelle: Ringbearer)

I went to Comic Con with the intention of seeing only one thing - the nine and half minute LOTR trailer that had been advertised to include more footage of the upcoming film. Unfortunately IGN, the fellows putting on the presentation, had other things in mind. Having arrived about thirty minutes early I was able to nab a great seat (when the previous presentation ended - on X-files as it happens) and waited expectantly through a token trailer of New Lines upcoming horror flick 'Lost Souls' with Winona Rider (which seemed only to inspire moans from the audience as Rider's terminally perky voice undermined whatever moodiness the makers of this film were trying to create).

Following this, I waited through a trailer of the upcoming 'The Cell' which seems to be something on the order of a Trent Reznor video mixed with a bit of John Bradshaw psychobable. Jennifer Lopez is sent into the mind of a sadomastichistic killer, only to find out that hidden in said socio-path's mind is (you got it) his "inner child". The rest of the movie appears to be about, among other things, liberating the little punk from the otherwise derranged environs of this very disturbed brain. The imagary is fantastic and surreal, hinting at such inspirations as Dali and Geiger, but one wonders how the makers of this film are going to convincingly resolve the clearly grotesque subject matter of a sadists inner psyche with boomer era pop psychological platitudes....coming to a theatre near you.

Finally, after a panel discussion on The Cell, I was treated with what I came to see, as well as most of the audience, it seems, based on their enthusiastic response. Sadly it turned out not to be much. Or atleast not much more than anyone could have seen on the internet trailer. The trailer showed at Comic Con appears to be the same or similar to the one described numerous times by those who went to ShoWest and Dragon Con. Imagine the internet trailer but with a few more scenes added to supplement each subject. In addition to an illustration of Lothlorien we get to also see a brief glimpse of the Lothlorien in the movie. In addition to a static image of Uruk Hai we see one in full motion as he swings his weapon. The computer generated battle scenes include material of upclose fighting as well as some of the Massive images you see in the trailer. Also, scenes one could barely make out in the internet trailer are extended here. So, for instance, we get to hear Boromir's bit of dialogue about the ring as he gazes at it in the snow. And Legolas' fighting scene actually extends a few seconds longer. All this to say that what one can infer of the movie from the extended trailer is not that much more than what all of us have discerned from the internet trailer. I realize of course this is easy for me to say since I have seen it while others haven't. But even those who are itching to get more of what's hapenning in New Zealand probably won't be terribly satisfied with what can be garnered here. But was I dissapointed? Hell no! Because there was a surprise appearance by His Greyness Himself - Sir Ian Mckellan! That's right, fresh from his victorious weekend as the Magnetic One Mr. McKellan gave the audience a few brief minutes (alas no time for questions) telling us of how inspired he has been by the enthusiasm of LOTR's fans and mentioning, among other things, that his only regret is that we will have to waite so long until LOTR actually hits theatres (tell us about it Ian). Of course a few minutes may not seem like much, but I was desperate to salvage the afternoon, and frankly Sir Ian's appearance was more impressive to the audience than anything he could have said. I was left with the impression that the Shakepearean actor has come to cherish his new found status in pop culture. When he came out on stage to speak he humorously extended out his arms in such a fashion as to invoke memories of his role as Magneto (commanding the room to fall in on us perhaps?)

But also, there were three posters displayed at the front of the vast speaking room that were shots from the LOTR footage. And I think one could find out more from what PJ was doing from these posters than anything I saw in the trailer. Especially as all three images are from very different parts of the movie. First there was an image of McKellan's Gandalf in a Hobbit sized cart being drawn by a pony through a gorgeous well groomed landscape.

You see a hedge of floral growth in the foreground with an elegant stone stairway and trees in the background along with a placid reflecting lake and a hint of green rolling hills in the far distance that seem to go on forever. The image is almost oriental in its elegance and reveals something of PJ's visual intentions in this film that he is using every color in the palette to make this world as vivid as possible. The second picture is a close up of Viggo's Aragorn on horseback that recalls images from the first Highlander film and Braveheart. The colors are all muted browns (Aragorn is wearing well worn leather and brown fabrics and a chainmail tunic) and grey blues in the background making for a moody image of the Gondorian King to be. I suspect this poster will be on a lot of teenage girls walls by early 2002. Finally, there is the image of Saruman in his abode, Orthanc. Saruman is in stark white so clearly this is before declaring himself Saruman of many colors. But the interior of orthanc is stunning. It hearkens back to the abode of Dracula in Capolla's film based on the Bram Stoker novel. Imagine a cross of decadent high gothic masonry with the organic intricacy of a Geiger painting reminiscent of his interiors of the alien abode in the Alien movie franchise.

But here the forms are cut into walls composed of an obsidian like shining black material suggestively highlighted by red phosphorescent lamps revealing in the scene something of Saruman's darkened internal condition bellied by his white outer attire. This last image is the most stylized of the three and reveals that PJ is striding a tight rope between history and fantasy in this movie. He has remarked in earlier interviews that his intention is to create something that has the feel of an authentic historical setting. But he is clearly dipping deeply into fantastical images as well as this last poster would suggest. The balance that will bet struck between these two components in Middle Earth will be thrilling to see. But as Sir McKellan had mentioned - so long to wait, so long to wait.

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