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Geoff Murphy to join Rings project

; Quelle: The Evening Post

Geoff Murphy ist der neue Regisseur für die 2nd Unit.

Kiwi director Geoff murphy - best known for Goodbye Pork Pie, Utut and The Quiet Earth - has joined The Lord of the Rings film project. Murphy will be a second unit director on Peter Jackson's $360 million trilogy, which resumed filming in Wellington today.

Publicist Claire Raskind said Murphy would direct some of the scenes for the film trilogy around the country. "Everyone's excited he's on board and there is a lot of work to do. His help is welcome," she said. Murphy has directed several Hollywood films including Young Guns II and Free Jack. He joins another New Zealander, John Mahaffie, who is also a second unit director.

Filming will continue in Wellington for the next few weeks, then return to the South Island for two months.

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