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A Letter From Peter Jackson

; Quelle: Ringbearer

Wenn man bei New Line Cinema die neuste Ausgabe des HdR bestellt bekommt man einen Brief von Peter Jackson dazu.

Before I ran a story on how you can buy Lord of the Rings books from the New Line Cinema Store and receive a letter from Peter Jackson. Well thanks to Nevin at the New Line Shop I have my very own copy of the letter which I`ve scanned in for you all to see!

Production is underway in New Zealand on the live-action trilogy of Lord of the Rings films. As a special bonus to all New Line Cinema Studio Store Customers, all copies of "The Lord of the Rings" purchased here come with a full-color copy of a letter from director Peter Jackson about his love for the books and his plans for the film! Each letter comes with a New Line Cinema logo hologram as proof of authenticity.


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