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A long time under spy surfaces at LOTR casting call

; Quelle: AICN

Ned Kelly our long time plant south of the "E" line has sent Father Geek the following report from an extras casting call on Lord Of The Rings in New Zealand. Old Ned hopped a train and headed to Wellington to get this story in spite of the bounty on his head. Good job, mate! Lets hear some more on that well connected friend of yours...

Seeing all this casting for LOTR extras is going on here in Wellington I thought I'd fill you in with a few details. I went along on Friday to sign up (as per the newspaper ad), and was told at the door by the secretary that I wasn't of the right build, however my two taller and skinnier friends would be appropriate (they were deemed acceptable for elves). They each got 3 pages. Two were to be filled out with personal details - mostly to do with body size - legs, arms, neck, feet all had to be measured. On the second page (blue - they wouldn't let me leave with one of these, I'm not sure why, but the lady was very aggitated about it) was a small box with a checklist of races - elf, hobbit, urak, orc, rohan, horse rider, dwarf and special. The secretary ticked the appropriate one as we were given the forms. We then had to cue for about 3/4 of an hour for photos to be taken of us, which were scanned into a computer.

While in line I looked at other peoples forms, there were many elves and uraks, and a couple of hobbits, but I only saw 1 rohan and none of the others. There was no mention of Gondor or any other type of human - they seemed to be looking for the more difficult roles to cast, I guess. They seemed to be quite loose at casting elves - many weren't as tall and slender as I would imagine an elf. However the Uraks were very solid looking individuals (mostly of Maori/Polynesian background).

As a side note a friend is working over at Weta studios - apparently he is working on the models for Moria - currently he is working on some big impressive gate design.

Anyway thats about all from me for now.


Ned Kelly


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