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Holländischer Artikel

; Quelle: TheOneRing.com

Dieser Bericht stammt aus dem niederländischen TV-Magazin Veronica. Man muss wissen, dass "In de ban van de ring" der niederländische Titel vom Herr der Ringe ist.

Übersetzung von TheOneRing.com:

On the edge of this millenium the New-Zealandish director Peter Jackson begun on a huge film project that’s believed to become the biggest film event of the next (sorry, George Lucas). On the other end of our planet Jackson (who you probably know from the zombie blooth bath Brain dead en arthousehit Heavenly Creatures) has begun the producing of Lord of the Rings. This trilogy (which obviousely was the inspiration for Star Wars, sorry, George Lucas) made by Tolkien was elected best book of the century last year, so you can bet we’ll keep an eye on this monster-project. New-Zealand seems, despite of the fairy-tale like landscapes, to be chosen for the costs. The trilogy is known to be unfilmable (which a stupid cartoon from the 80’s clearly confirmed), cause of the huge fantasyworld of Middle Earth, where humans are outnumbered and hobbits, dwarfs, orcs and other creatures are with greater numbers, won’t be easy to catch on film. And defenitely not cheep. That’s why Jackson, instead of hiring expensive American special-effects studio’s, he made his own company.

With computer-magic an actor is being shrinked to the dwarf and hobbit size of 80cm. One of the most mysterious villans from the saga, the creature Gollem, will be brought to life fully computeranimated. That makes him the equal of Jar-Jar but a whole lot less childish (sorry, George….). To cut down on the expenses, and thats quite unique, all three movies will be shot in the same time. The most important roles are already spread: Elijah Wood will be hobbithero Frodo, Sir Ian McKellen conquered the position of Gandalf instead of Sean Connery, and the ladies Cate ‘Elizabeth’ Blanchett and Liv ‘Armageddon’ Tyler will be both elvenladie. The married couple Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman appear to be also in the race for a role.

The first part should be in cinema’s with Christmas 2001, the two sequels will be shown each with half a year of delay beyond the next. On the official website http://www.lordoftherings.net you’ll find some promising samples, while the unofficial fansite http://www.theonering.net except news also spy reports has, live from the set.


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