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Rings crew may return to bay

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A Lord of the Rings film crew may return to Golden Bay, despite denials from the movie's producers.

Film Nelson representative Richard Cox said it was "quite likely" that the $360 million trilogy would return to film scenes at locations in Golden Bay.

He said Film Nelson had been employed to help find locations, and would be scouting further locations during the next few weeks. The scenery would be compared with existing footage, and the film crew would return if the locations were suitable.

Close proximity and easy access to Wellington were cited as good reasons to come back to do more filming, he said.

Mr Cox said there were no guarantees that the production would return, but the film-makers had been "blown away" by the Golden Bay area.

Lord of the Rings publicist Claire Raskind said the producers had no intention of returning to the area to do more filming.


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