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Biting the big cookie among secrets of Rings stars

; Quelle: The Evening Post

Lord Of The Rings star Liv Tyler's secret is out. The svelte, smooth-skinned actress is a regular cookie muncher.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that she recently starred in a movie called Cookie's Fortune.

A quick trip around the stores near the Miramar Camperdown studios where the $360 million trilogy is being filmed reveals all sorts of gastronomic secrets of the stars.

Across the road from Camperdown is the Darlington Rd Four Square grocery shop. Co-owner Bharti Patel says many of the actors enjoy pineapple lumps and caramello chocolate. Mrs Patel says Liv Tyler loves her cookies and many buy the Women's Weekly.

Immediately next to the studio is Eva Dixon's cafe.

Co-owner John Heald is like any chef and he guards secrets about his famous diners in the same way a cook protects his recipes.

But he admits to Sir Ian McKellen, Sean Astin and Liv Tyler eating in his cafe and says he is on first name basis with most of the cast and crew.

"I can tell you I have made a vegetarian sandwich for Sir Ian and fixed up a sammy for Liv Tyler to take with her to the cricket last summer."

Mr Heald says the cafe adjusted its standard menu to accommodate the global tastes and habits of Lord Of The Rings crew.

"We provide plenty of meat dishes and pancakes to suit the Americans and we especially brought in Texan beer."

Heald says some authentic Kiwi treats, such as pavolova, have graced the evening menu. The cafe also provides phone orders and takeaways.

When asked how the pav is received Heald says "there's only ever crumbs left on the plates of the actors".

By SARAH EVANS, Thanks Sharon


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