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Wocjiech Kilar on Polish Television

; Quelle: Tolkien-Movies

Es scheint, dass Wocjiech Kilar (DRACULA) doch noch für den Soundtrack im Gespräch ist.

Tolkien-Movies berichtet:

Marek S. from Poland contacted me today with a quick scoop. It seems that Wojciech Kilar appeared on Polish TV on the 21st of his month.

According to Marek, Kilar had stated that a proposition ha been presented to him to prepare music for The Lord of the Rings. He compared composing music for LOTR to composing music for Star Wars, if that means anything!

In Marek's opinion, this does not mean that Kilar has definitely been chosen, but this is proof that a decision is coming down the pike soon and Wojciech Kilar is one of the major participants among the composers involved.


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