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Elrond has been cast and more

; Quelle: AICN

AICN: Hey folks, Harry here. Recently there was an event in New Zealand which was held to highlight the promise of what a great location it is for the world's film industry... and they screened about 6 minutes of footage. Well, I have the article that covers that event that originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald... BUT... It has just come to my attention that Peter Jackson and crew have cast their Elrond. This person IS cast.

However, I do not know the actor. We need to know this. Peter is currently tormenting me with this knowledge. It must come to a stop. Meanwhile... in other Lord Of THe Rings news, NEW LINE CINEMA has recently screened for themselves about 18 minutes of footage from Peter's little opus here. It included :

The Ringwraiths chasing the hobbits, the encounter and intro of Strider at the Prancing Pony, and Boromir's attempt to get the ring off Frodo were all presented with A plus acting and incredible, faithful locations and art direction.

So while we work on this... Elrond thingee... Let's continue looking for other bits here and there.


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